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Welcome to Jobaxy

Jobaxy is developed by keeping both the job seeker and the employer in mind. In today’s competitive world where thousands of resumes and job requirements are uploaded online every day, it is very easy to get lost and to end up going nowhere. Having said that, the good news is more and more people are now using internet to end their job search. And because we know how crucial it is for your resume or job requirements to be seen by the right group of people, Jobaxy is the job portal where right opportunities and people find each other.

Our motivation to start this business

With hundreds of online job portals appearing in business today, it is easy to get confused. You might wonder, “Why Jobaxy then?” Well, with best jobs in the Philippines, we offer number of unique features

Video Resume

Video resume that lets you stand out from the crowd.

Audio Resume
Audio Resume

Add personality and flavor to your resume through your own audio.

Block the Boss
Block the Boss

Option to block your current employer from viewing your resume. Simple, isn’t it?

Customizable Resume
Customizable Resume

Create a customizable resume that deserves the top spot in any pile

Hide Resume
Hide/Unhide your resume

You can change the setting on your resume at any time.

Fly High
Fly High

Provides you a lot of benefits as a job seeker.

So let the journey begin!

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