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Jobaxy is developed by keeping both, the job seeker and the employer in mind. In today’s competitive world where thousands of resumes and job requirements are uploaded online every day, it is very easy to get lost and to end up going nowhere. Having said that, the good news is more and more people are now using internet to end their job search and Jobaxy is the job portal where right opportunities and people find each other because we know how crucial it is for your resume or job requirements to be seen by the right group of people.

Our motivation to start this business

With hundreds of online job portals appearing in business today, it is easy to get confused. You might wonder, “Why Jobaxy then?” Well, we offer number of unique features as follows:

1: Video Resume

Video Resume is the latest trend in the recruitment industry and the buzz is growing. This is the future and there is no denying about it. It is beneficial in many ways to both, job seekers and employers. If you are looking for a job or a candidate, time is very crucial. This saves a lot of crucial time and eliminates all the initial formalities of calling/scheduling/initial rounds of interviews etc of both the job seekers and employers and we all know Time is Money!

How Video Resume will help me?

Job seeker:

  • If you are a job aspirant, apart from the time saving factor, creating and uploading your own video resume will help you market yourself in the most appropriate way, in the way you want, even before you are called for an interview. This is the platform where you can showcase your skills and expertise.
  • This is less stressful than facing the interview itself so you can be as creative as you can and present yourself naturally.
  • You have plenty of time to prepare yourself better before uploading the video to give your best shot.
  • Jobaxy gives you an option to make the video active or inactive. So you can manage your own videos. If you are not “camera friendly”, you can still follow the traditional way and have your text resume and work portfolio uploaded.


  • You can collect a lot of firsthand information about the candidate like his/her personality, presentation skills, body language, apart from the professional and general background. This will help you in making a quick decision about the candidate, whether to go ahead or reject him/her. Not to forget the amount of time and money and workforce you will save in the process.
  • Scanning the video resumes is easier than the paper resumes.
  • You can have a comparatively clear image of the candidate before scheduling him/her for the interview which is not the case in the paper resumes where you are clueless about the candidate’s personality.
2. Hide/Unhide your resume

As a job seeker, Jobaxy gives you the option to make your resume visible to the employers whenever you want a switch from your current job. Likewise make yourself unavailable if you are happily married to your job. You are your own master!!

3. Block the Boss

Job Seekers…..imagine a situation you are caught into…. You are on a job hunt, posting your resume on various job portals, your current employer sees your resume too, next day you are called in the Big Boss’ cabin and BOOM!!! So what is the escape plan?? Jobaxy has a coolest feature designed only for you. When you post your resume in Jobaxy, you have an option to block your current company/employer from viewing it. Simple, isn’t it!!

4. Customize your resume

Jobaxy also gives you total control of what personal info you want to display or hide in your resume to be visible to the employer. Select or hide your contact number, personal email ID etc. and customize your resume the way you want. Total liberty!!

5. Fly High

The benefits that Jobaxy provides you as a Job Seeker do not stop here. We want you to prosper in the field you want. We are not only bound to get you your dream job in your chosen field but we also want you to excel further.

From our Courses section, you can select the course or training that you want to undergo within your area of expertise or across to increase your job skills and polish your career. The more the merrier!!

…….and many more.

Feel free to explore endless opportunities with Jobaxy by signing in and exploring our job portal. After going through our website, we are sure we will win your trust and you will provide us an opportunity for being a part of your successful career story.

So let the journey begin!

Job Seeker Employer