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10 Mistake Fresher’s Make On Their First Job


A new chapter of life is waiting to unfold once you accept the offer letter. All your efforts are paid off when you have the appointment letter of your dream job in your hand. The stress associated with job search simply vanishes.

However, for the initial days of the job you perhaps have some butterflies in your stomach as you are there to prove your worth and are scared of failure. The transition from the carefree college life to the professional set-up is huge and so is the pressure to make a good first impression. Owing to this pressure you tend to make some mistakes.

We have listed here some common mistakes that fresh graduates tend to make on their first jobs and the solution to avoid them.

  1. Being Late

This is the worst. If you are late on the first day of your new job your first impression is bad no matter how efficient you are in your work. So never be late. Rehearse the route well a day before your joining and start early.

  1. Thinking That Perfect First Job exists

The concept of the perfect first job doesn’t exist. This thinking is not good for those whose first job is not as great as they expected and also for those who have hit a jackpot. Keep it simple, the first job is the job that starts your career; give you the much-needed experience and lucrative monitory returns. It is not your last job.

  1. Pretending to Know Everything

The fresh new employees pretend to know everything. For them, it is difficult to say that they don’t know. This could be because they are not willing to expose their weaknesses, which is the biggest mistake. Your managers are fine with it just they want your willingness to learn. 

  1. Refraining from Asking Questions

In a hurry to finish your delegated task quickly, you don’t ask your doubts. Remember quality is of prime importance while delivering your work. So once you have been allotted a task you should go through it and ask your boss to brief you to eliminate any chances of miscommunication.

  1. Not Being Proactive

Employers like proactive employees. You earn some extra appreciation if you take the initiative to learn new things other than your daily work. This enthusiasm for learning new things beyond your job profile portrays you as an independent thinker serious about your work.

  1. Not Giving your Opinion

When a new employee sits in a meeting with the top bosses the situation is daunting for him. But instead, think it as a stage to impress. If you have some new ideas, do share. Appreciate your co-workers and if you have some relevant questions for your bosses please ask, albeit politely. 

  1. Taking Long Breaks

No one can work continuously from entering the office, it certainly decreases productivity. Breaks are an inevitable part of the office hours, maybe a lunch break, loo break or a quick relaxation break. But it is good if these breaks are short, don’t extend it too much.

  1. Not asking Feedbacks

Ask your seniors about your performance. This gives you a chance to improve on your shortcomings and shows your interest in the work. But many newcomers fail to ask the feedback of their work. They wait for the managers to initiate the feedback.

  1. No Networking

Remember networking is always important so never stop it. Meet your colleague outside your office. Hand over your business card when you are on office trips or work events. Make sure that people know you. These work relationships can be helpful in the future.

  1. Immediate New Job Hunting

This again is an awful thing to do immediately. No doubt everyone wants to explore the greener pastures but wait. Everything will happen when the time is right. Don’t rush on things. 

These are a few mistakes that you should avoid if you are a fresh graduate employee. For more job search tips and jobs in the Philippines visit                                                                                        

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