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Become the Perfect Job Applicant: 15 Traits Employers Look For When Hiring


Applying for jobs in Philippines? It is quintessential to be the perfect job applicant. A perfect job applicant? Yes, there are certain traits that the employer looks for in the job seekers. Though we may not have all the looked-for qualities, it is imperative we inculcate those attributes as we progress in our career. 

The recruiters are aware that none of the job seekers is perfect, but still, they like to see certain qualities in the job seeker. Here listed are 15 such traits that the hiring manager would like to see in their prospective candidates.

1. Leadership Quality – The employers prefer recruiting those candidates who are progressive thinkers and are capable to formulate and lead their team. Most aspects of leadership can be learned provided you have the spark in you.

2. Resilient – Success and failure are both parts of the game, the employers need such job aspirants who are well aware of this fact. The employers are looking for such individuals who accept their failure in a positive way and get going on delivering positive results.

3. Competitive – Being competitive is one of the qualities the employer certainly want in their employees. This competitive spirit results in increased individual performance. Also, these individuals constantly try to formulate innovative and convincing methods to beat the other competitive firms.

4. Strong Communication Skills - Communication skills are essential. You need to communicate with your peers, with the managers or even with the clients. Direct and clear conversation eliminates any misunderstandings and paves way for a smooth functioning of the system. 

5. Self -Control – The employers want their employees to be in total control of their careers. The employers are in search of the candidates who won’t let any outside forces control them and work fiercely. Control also means the ability to keep calm and perform well during the stressful times.

6. Friendly – Friendly people who are easy to deal with are always preferred.  While hiring new employees, the employers prefer those who fit into their corporate culture.

7. Ambitious – The ambitious candidates always work for their betterment. They are never satisfied and make the organization more competitive. All employers have an eye for such ambitious candidates while hiring.

8. Adaptability – Change is inevitable for any successful business. Thus the employers look for the candidates who can easily adapt to these changes.

9. Creativity - Successful companies are successful because they always look for innovation and improvement in their processes. They are always looking for individuals who are creative and bring something new to the table.

10. Competency – Hiring manager is looking for candidates who can work on their own without being micromanaged. The candidates who are self-motivated are always a preferred choice.

11. Passionate – The candidates, who are passionate about their work and not just the money, work with full zeal. They utilize all their energy and intelligence in the successful completion of their work. Employers are always looking for such passionate individuals.

12. Honesty – The most important of the qualities, without which rest all positive qualities are nothing, is Honesty. The candidate should be trustworthy. His integrity should be his pride.

13. Decision Makers – The employers need candidates who can make quick decisions. Those who can analyse the situation and quickly make tough calls are always loved by the employers.

14. Team-Oriented – Though it is a fact that employers today are looking for autonomous candidates, still the candidate being a team-oriented individual is essential. In any organization the work is carried out in teams and success is based on the teamwork. Thus the candidates who can successfully work in collaboration are hired.

15. Goal-Oriented – Employers hire those candidates who are focused on their goals. The candidates who always escalate their goals and thrive hard to achieve them are always in high demand.

To summarize, with all the above-mentioned qualities, intelligence, confidence, knowledge, vision and persuasiveness are the qualities the employer will see in his employees. To know anything related to the jobs in the Philippines please feel free to contact us at Jobaxy is one of the leading online job portals in the Philippines.




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