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The Best Cities for Jobs in the Philippines

The Philippines industrialization has paved way for increase career opportunities thus making it a popular country to for jobs country in South East Asia. Almost all the cities in the Philippines offer jobs, mentioned here are the best places to work.

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Video Resume - Professional Tips for Landing your Dream Job

Video resumes are the talk of the town. The current hot favorite amongst the employers and job seekers, they can be crafted efficiently with these few professional tips.

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Find and Recruit the Best Talent in the Philippines

For successful recruitment have a strategy in place. Create your brand identity and attract the talent pool to your organization. Follow these recruitment tips and hire the best of the best talent.

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7 Ways to Find Job Vacancies in Philippines

Finding a new job is not an easy task. There are many new methods of finding the job vacancies in Philippines. The new approach uses social media and digitalization in finding a new job.

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Resume Tips for Fresh Graduates in the Philippines

Fresh grads your resume should summarize your qualification and abilities tailor-made for the targeted job. Make sure your resume is short, crisp, concise highlighting your selling points.

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Hunting for a new Job - Do’s and Don’ts for Fresh Graduates

For grabbing that coveted job you need to everything right from applying for the job to the interview. Follow these dos and don’ts of job hunting and go grab that job.

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Top 7 tips for Successful Recruitment

Who you hire makes a big difference to your success. The successful hiring process requires planning, preparation, and an efficient and quick process.

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How to Get the Best Job in Philippines with Jobaxy Profile

To get the best jobs in the Philippines, create your profile with Jobaxy. Design your video resume and be amongst the chosen one for the interviews.

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Job Market Looks Bright for Professionals in the Philippines 2018

The year 2018 have brought with it many career opportunities in the Philippines for the qualified professionals. The banking, sector, financial sector, IT industry all are hiring actively. To know more about the career in the Philippines read on.

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Job Search - Tips and Advice to Find a Job in Philippines

Job search Philippines can sometimes be quite frustrating. But if you are organized, focused and follow these tips you are sure of landing your dream job in Philippines.

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