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Are Chatbots the Future of Recruiting?

Use of the chatbots is the latest recruitment trend in the recruitment industry. These chatbots improve the overall candidate experience, save time and money in the job hiring process.

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8 Things to Consider When Looking for a New Job in 2018

Looking for a job change? Don’t just run after the monetary gains. Complete job satisfaction is something you look for. Read on to know more about the governing factors for job change, when looking for new jobs in the Philippines.

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Get Tips for Using Your Phone to Job Search  

Apart from the social media and online shopping, your phone can also be very effectively used for your job search in Philippines. Follow these simple tips to make your smartphone job search friendly.

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Top 14 Work from Home Online Jobs in the Philippines

Here are several options for legitimate work from home jobs in the Philippines The work from home is comparatively stress-free, offer flexible working hours, you stay away from the traffic jams and you have time to pursue your hobbies.

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The Modern Job Seeker Report 2018

The job seekers Philippines today aspires to work for a branded company. So as an employer build your brand and enhance candidate experience to hire the right candidate.

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4 Leadership Interview Questions to Hire the Best Managers

Great managers lead by example. They are leaders, team players and are devoted to the success of the organization. Hiring the best might be difficult but these leadership interview questions will assist you in finding the best.

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Philippines Recruitment Trends 2018

There are innovative recruiting trends that will rule the hiring scenario in 2018 in the Philippines. The year 2018 will use the power of AI, machine learning and video assessment to make the hiring process quick and effective. The final decision will, however, be taken by the human. Let us see which trends are expected to dominate the hiring industry in 2018

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What is Group Discussion?

Group discussion is a technique to hire the best possible candidates. It tests the candidates on various behavioral aspects with a major emphasis on communication and interpersonal skills.

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Three New Goldmines for Job Hunters in 2018

Learn the newest technologies and grab that coveted job, is the success mantra for the job hunters in Philippines. Cybersecurity, automobile industry, and blockchain technology offers a sea of opportunities for job seekers in the Philippines

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My First Job - The Expectations and Challenges Fresh Graduates Face While Searching Their First Job

Finding jobs for the first-timers could be a difficult task. But with some professional help, you can overcome all the challenges and secure your job.

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