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How Technology Is Changing the Filipino Workplace

The technology is growing every single day. To be successful you need to embrace the change and work with it to achieve the maximum benefits.

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Why Video Resume Is Vital For Your Job Search 2018

Video resumes are vital for that coveted job as this help you get noticed, generates a buzz about you and leave the employer to know more about you.

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How to Write a Job Posting in 5 Easy Steps

Better job postings lead to better employees! So take time and make sure your job posting is strong. An ideal job post should include the demands and duties of the job, minimum qualification of the job and the interesting factor of the job.

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Branding your Resume with Jobaxy | Video Resume

Branding your resume increases your chances of the dream job. Defining and creating your personal brand and developing your video resume around it, is the foundation of your personal marketing strategy.

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Become the Perfect Job Applicant: 15 Traits Employers Look For When Hiring

Applying for jobs in Philippines? It is quintessential to be the perfect job applicant. A perfect job applicant? Yes, there are certain traits that the employer looks for in the job seekers. Here listed are 15 such traits that the hiring manager would like to see in their prospective candidates.

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How a Good Video Resume Leads to a Good Job

The video resume can be considered as your golden ticket for the job. Create it with utmost care and professionalism and it will surely gift you the all-important interview call.

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Navigating the Filipino Work Culture

Filipinos are not only hard-working but they also believe in building strong relationships with their colleagues. The work culture here is friendly that has a positive effect on productivity and thus profits.

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Are Chatbots the Future of Recruiting?

Use of the chatbots is the latest recruitment trend in the recruitment industry. These chatbots improve the overall candidate experience, save time and money in the job hiring process.

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8 Things to Consider When Looking for a New Job in 2018

Looking for a job change? Don’t just run after the monetary gains. Complete job satisfaction is something you look for. Read on to know more about the governing factors for job change, when looking for new jobs in the Philippines.

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Get Tips for Using Your Phone to Job Search  

Apart from the social media and online shopping, your phone can also be very effectively used for your job search in Philippines. Follow these simple tips to make your smartphone job search friendly.

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