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Role Of Jobaxy In Helping You Find The Best Talent !

There are many job portal in the Philippines But Jobaxy is Philippines 1st Job portal with Audio-Video resume facilities, we understand that recruitment industry is changing very rapidly and we are providing best talent as per your need. Find Philippines best talent here in Jobaxy.

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Benefits Of Video Resume To The Employer

Easy to use video resumes helps saving time and makes the recruitment process exciting. The video resumes highlighting the personality of the candidate, beneficial in the initial screening.

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Job Interview Tips 2019 : What Are Your Strengths and Weaknesses ?

Job Interview Tips 2019: Interviewer diffidently going to ask this question, What Are Your Strengths and Weaknesses? This blog will help to get the right answer to this question. Follow the complete blog series and make yourself ready for an interview.

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Interview Tips (2018) : Dressing Up For The Interview

Dress perfectly for the interview and grab your dream job. Here are a few tips and tricks about perfect dressing and creating a long lasting first impression

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Interview Question : Tell Us Something About Yourself

Answer the most dreaded question in the interview to perfection and drive your interview successfully. We help you with all the interview related questions and assure your dream job.

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Best Job Portal in Philippines

Are you job hunting and looking for the best job portal in Philippines? Register with us and secure your dream job. With no registration fee and unique concept of a video resume, Jobaxy stands out as the best job portal in Philippines.

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Video Resume : How To Make An Effective Video CV ?

In today's highly competitive job market, creating the right video resume to accompany your traditional job profile can make you stand out from the crowd.The wrong one, though, can make you a laughing stock.Video resumes are the new sensation in the recruitment & hiring process.

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Audio-Video Resume : How To Make Perfect Audio Video Resume?

In today's highly competitive job market, creating the impressive audio video resume that can make you stand out from the crowd is very important. Check out our samples resume and shoot your perfect video resume by getting it right!

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Video Resume : Advantages Of Video Resumes

Video resume provides a more accurate description of your personality. Get noticed and grab your dream job by creating and uploading your resume with video resume website, and Let us check the advantages of the video resumes:

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Challenges Faced By Job Seekers

Job seekers need to find the right position that matches best with their skills, qualification and their payment expectations. Job seekers may not know how to look, where to look or what to look for the dream job.

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