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5 Discussion Points to Avoid at the Office


Your workplace demands decorum. It is important to stay professional while at work. You might be friends with your colleagues but still, some topics should be avoided in your office. Certain topics could make people feel awkward and uncomfortable. Here we have listed the top five such topics which should be avoided in the workplace, as it may disturb the overall harmony of the office. 

  1. Your Salary

This matter should never be discussed with your colleagues, it should be highly confidential. Never tell anyone how much you are paid and similarly never ask anyone about their package. It is none of your business and is considered insensitive. Discussing your paycheques with your co-workers could negatively affect your professional relationships. This is because many people value their professional worth on the size of their paycheques. And if they come to know that their newly joined colleague is earning more than them, the environment is polluted. Such an environment is not good for the company.

  1. Your Religion

Religion is one thing that is discussed everywhere, but it is a topic you should avoid discussing in the workplace. That doesn’t mean you should hide your faiths and belief. Your faith is a personal thing. You can certainly mention the things you do to celebrate it but remember to each his own. People are very sensitive about this so avoid getting into a detailed discussion of your religious belief and most importantly keep to yourself any negative opinions about other’s beliefs. You go there to work and not to tell anyone that your religion is right and there’ is wrong. Never try to persuade any of your co-workers to convert to your faith.

  1. Your Politics

Politics is probably the most volatile topic to be discussed in the office. It is fine to have a political opinion but should not be discussed in the office. Remember that like you, your colleagues also have their own opinions and any heated arguments can ruin the relations and your reputation. Given the time you spend with your co-workers, having such discussions are not worth it.  

Though you feel strongly about the candidate you support and have negative opinions about the opposition, still you should be quite and never try to convince anyone about it.

  1. Your Relations Life

Never discuss anything about your relations in the office. It is not only inappropriate but may land you in sexual harassments case. There is no good reason to tell anyone what you and your partner do under the sheets. It is a purely personal and private matter, which makes many people squirm and your colleagues may feel uneasy to work with you.

If someone feels intimidated he or she might file a sexual harassment case against you. So no matter how close you are to your colleagues these matters are to be discussed with your partner or with a very dear friend outside the office.

  1. Your Frustration

Frustration, whether related to the job or family issues again, should be avoided discussing with your officemates. If it is related to the job, you might be tempted to discuss the issues you are facing with some of your colleagues but please refrain from doing so. Your colleagues can use it against you. Instead, you find out the right person from the Human Resources department and talk to them about your job issues.

If you are frustrated due to some family issues and want to speak with someone, chose a person who is not your office colleague. As discussing these matters in the office, people including your boss might think that these difficulties could distract you. Also, they might exploit you and you can be a workplace gossip sensation.

These are a few topics that we feel are good to avoid in any office discussion. There may be many more, which you can figure out yourself. For knowing more on this or any job-related queries visit us at

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