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7 Ways to Find Job Vacancies in Philippines


The ways of finding new job opportunities have seen changes with the changing time. The traditional approaches are no longer popular as the new methods are far more effective. The age-old method of posting the job ads in the classifieds no longer works. Social media plays a crucial role in helping candidates find the jobs. You have to be more creative and design proper job vacancies in Philippines advertising campaign. 

If you are not aware of the newest job search technologies, this is a guideline for you to pursue your job search.

1. Networking -

Networking is one of the newest strategies for finding job vacancies in the Philippines. The fact is a large number of job vacancies are not advertised, and to get to know about these you must have strong contacts. Networking with the right people in the industry will be helpful in finding these hidden jobs. These contacts are also used to getting introduced to the big guns of the industry. Not necessary that the people you contact have an opening but they may know someone who does. Networking doesn’t mean meeting in person, it can be online through social media websites.

2. Referrals -

Many companies instead of publicly advertising the job vacancies pass the word to their current employees and ask them to recommend candidates for the said job. This is called as referrals where the current employee refers someone for the new job opening. Mostly the company reward the employee who refers a successful candidate. So if you are interested in working with any particular company search for some contacts who can refer you if the situation arises.

3. Social Media -

Social media is a place that connects you with the world. Social media is a huge platform for e-commerce and is gaining equal importance in the job search. If you have zeroed on some companies to work with, check out their social media accounts and follow them. This is because often businesses advertise the job vacancies via social media and when you follow them, the vacancies will come straight to your newsfeed.

4. Company Websites -

Again, if you are interested in a certain company, visit the company’s official website and look out for the ‘Career’ section. Companies mostly post their job vacancies in the ‘Career’ section. The website has their contact details, so if there is nothing in the ‘career’ section, just inquire about vacancies if any. List the companies and regularly check out their websites regularly.

5. Career Websites -

The career websites or job portal is a huge platform for job vacancies. The companies often post their job vacancies in the Philippines on career websites such as These job websites allow you to specify your search criteria and will display only the jobs according to your criteria.  

6. Recruitment agencies -

Professional help can always be beneficial. Even after a lot of efforts if you are not able to find the jobs there are recruitment agencies that can assist you. Many companies, especially larger ones, mostly hire through recruitment agencies. The recruiters search their candidate database to fill in the vacancies.  You need to identify the recruitment agency in your industry and get yourself enrolled to grab the perfect opportunity.   

7. Job Fairs -

The industry job fair is an excellent opportunity to find out the jobs and meet the people who work within the industry. Have a word with the company representatives and the hiring managers about the job, their expectation and so on. The job fair is an excellent way of networking.

These are some of the many strategies that can be used to search for the job vacancies in Philippines.

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