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8 Things to Consider When Looking for a New Job in 2018


A hefty paycheck is the main attraction when looking for new jobs in Philippines. But is it the only thing that should be considered? The answer is a big ‘NO’. Though salary is undoubtedly the most important factor, there are many other factors that are to be considered while looking for a new job. Here, we will talk about 8 factors that deserve attention when thinking of a job change.

1. The Job Position

Sometimes the urge to change the job can lead to an awful decision. So, check if the role is suitable for you. Go through the job profile and check whether it offers something that you are comfortable working.  

2. Benefits and Perks

The salary that you get is only one part of your compensation package. Apart from this insurance, retirement contribution paid leaves, and bonuses and alike should also be considered. Also, the perks should be discussed with the employer. The perks include the pre-tax travel options, reimbursement for the relocation costs or any discounts anywhere.

3. Working Hours

This is again an important factor to consider before signing on the dotted lines. Ask your employer about the regular working hours that he is expecting. Whether a specific ‘in time’ is compulsory or you just need to work for the said hours irrespective if you star at 9 am or 10 am. Also, discuss any weekend schedule or evening hours or early morning shifts and work from home options. If the working hours do not suit your lifestyle then give it a second thought.

4. Travel Time

Yes, this again is a deciding factor. Think about the time required for your commute. Long commuting hours will leave you all frustrated and dissatisfied.

5. Office Culture

The work culture also is one of the decisive factors. This could be difficult to judge from outside. But at least you can talk to the employees and ask them if they are happy working in the office, is there work valued? Answers to these questions could give you an idea about the overall office environment.

6. Growth

Irrespective of the position you are applying for, make sure you discuss with the employer about your growth opportunities. Discussing growth opportunities you will get a clear understanding of your future in the organization and will tell the employer that you are looking for a long-term association with the company. 

7. Educational Prospects

It is always good to work for an organization that encourages your growth not just in the office hierarchy but also in your further studies. As we all know there is so much new to learn and there are firms that provide stipends for various education courses and degrees. Enquire about any such policies at the time of your interview.

8. Know about the Company

Before joining any organization you should research well about the company. Know about the history and stability of the company. If they have a history of layoffs, are they expanding their business or going through financial issues all this should be known before taking the plunge.

Listed here are a few generalized factors that are to be considered while looking for a new job. But apart from this ‘Happiness’ is probably the simplest yet most essential governing factor. If you feel connected with the job, listen to your gut feeling and just go for it.

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