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Do You Have a Video Resume? You Should!


The first step of getting hired is crafting the best resume. The resume is the first thing your prospective employer will have a look at. Your resume should be unique and attractive enough to attract your prospective employer. If not, you don’t stand a chance for getting the job, no matter how deserving you are.

Resumes should be customized for each and every job. While crafting a resume you should be aware of the company, position and job profile.  A good professional resume is designed taking into account all these factors. Sometimes, however, your professional 3-page resume might end-up at the bottom of the pile while the more creative ones get noticed. To avoid getting unnoticed, it is the need of the hour to think out of the box. The answer here is video resume. It helps you to get noticed and stand apart in the crowd.

Video Resumes? What is it? If that is what you are thinking, you are on the right page. Just go through it and kick-start your career.

What Is Video Resume

A  video resume is an interesting and unique format to express your capabilities, aptitude, and personality which is not possible with a text resume. It is the new age technique that sets you apart from others, in the fiercely competitive job market. It is a short 60-90 seconds video that lets you go beyond traditional methods and increase your chances of grabbing dream job. Another important facet is it supports the environment; it is totally green as no paper is involved.

For the employers, video resumes help in pre-screening the potential candidates through their communication skills and background. Employers prefer them as it saves a lot of time as compared to reading the paper resume.

Why Video Resume

Video Resumes are an enhancement to the traditional resume. Their main aim is to make you stand out from the rest of the applicants by giving you the opportunity to present the real self to the world.  Let us see why you should you have one.

Unique – These are unique. They definitely have the power to grab the attention of the recruiters, which is the first step to your goal.

Great First impression - It is said that the first impression is mostly the last impression. These creative resumes give you a great chance to present yourself in the way you want and create a long-lasting first impression.

Display facts of Your Personality - They put a ‘face’ on your resume. Your skills, personality, and talents are visible immediately. The recruiter gets a clear idea of your confidence and your creativity. The employer gets the chance to meet you from the other side of the screen before the actual interview. It shows your personality, body language, and presentation skills. It conveys your thought process too. Paper resume fails to do any of this.

Control – It is like your initial interview, but with your control. Just as if, you are answering all their typical interview questions. And since it is in a  controlled environment, you can appear composed and confident, making you the most desirable candidate.

How to Create a Video Resume

Creating them is simple and straightforward. There is no rocket science involved as it is just speaking about yourself.  In doubt, our Jobaxy team will assist you in creating a perfect video resumes.

If you are job hunting already or are planning to do so in the near future, Video resume is a must. Do you have one? If your answer is negative, we are there to help. Contact us @, and see how your career gets started.

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