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Role Of Jobaxy In Helping You Find The Best Talent !


Hiring is a compulsory process for any organization but it could be tedious looking at the time and energy involved in it. With us however it is smooth and hassle-free. We have discussed the problems recruiter face while hiring new talent in our previous blog. Let us now further see how Jobaxy, the best online portal in the Philippines can make your recruiting process a wonderful experience. Jobaxy is the only job portal in the Philippines where right opportunities and people find each other because we know how crucial it is for your job requirements to be seen by the right group of people.

We follow different recruiting techniques that prioritize both recruiters as well as job seeker’s needs. We promote audio-video resumes, the latest trend in the recruitment industry that sets us apart. Video resume is a short 30-90 seconds video clip giving details about the job seekers qualification, skills, and experience.

Video resumes are great for the employers as well as the job seekers as it completes the hiring process quickly. It saves a lot of time in the initial screening process. Video resume gives you (the employer) the insight of the candidate’s personality like presentation skills, body language apart from the general professional and educational background. This helps you in deciding whether or not the candidate is fit to be a part of your esteemed organization. It is as good as the first round of the interview saving a good amount of time and money.

Secondly scanning through the paper resumes is again a demanding task. For scanning one single paper resume you at-least need four to five minutes and you have to go through a heap of resumes to shortlist the prospective candidates. Apart from time-consuming, it can even be boring to some extent. But for going through the video resume you hardly need some seconds that saves your valuable time. Watching a video resume can be interesting and you get a clear image of the candidate before scheduling the interview which is not the case in the paper resumes where you are clueless about the candidate’s personality.

Next important aspect for choosing us as your recruiting partner is that we always update our database. We make sure that there are no junk or inactive resumes in our database so that our quality employers find the best talent without wasting even a single minute. All you have to do is register with us and post your job requirement, that’s it. Then it is our team’s responsibility to find you suitable resumes that match your said requirements. Visit us once and experience it yourself!


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