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The Modern Job Seeker Report 2018


Today’s job market is highly competitive and sometimes it becomes difficult to find the ideal candidate for the role. If the business is understaffed, it results in less productivity and loss of profits. Therefore; to successfully hire the best candidates the management should look into the overall candidate experience. 

The job seekers Philippines have a modern approach in the job search. The technology, social media plays a major role in the job search. This report throws light on the latest trends responsible for a great candidate experience:

How the job seekers Philippines Research the Company before applying

In the earlier days when a job advert was seen, the candidates would check if it matched their skill sets and would apply. But today’s job seekers see the job as any other consumer product. They do company research; make comparisons before applying for the job. The job seekers do not hesitate to reject a job offer if the company has negative reviews. 

The content researched includes the employer reviews (37%), content on the company website (textual 24% and video 8%) and company publications or products (24%).

The Social Media and Employee Referrals

Social Media - Social media is revolution. Everyone today is hooked to social media. Job seekers Philippines use the social media while searching the jobs. They value the social media platform to know more about the company, its product or services and the overall brand. As an employer, you need to be sure that your social media page is the reflection of your company’s mission.   

Employee Referrals (Peer Referrals)The employers encourage their employees to refer jobs to their friends and family. Such employee referral programs ensure the best hiring as nearly eighty five percent job seekers give preference to the jobs referred by their peers.

The Technology Competence the Job Seekers Philippines Expect

Consumer technology is the core motivation for change in the recruiting technology. The candidates expect job search to be as simple as online shopping. While job hunting, they want the same functionality as on online shopping sites. They want the sites to allow them to instantly mark jobs of their interest, receive recommendations as per resume and job preferences, input salary expectation, navigate the site on any device including mobile phones, and most importantly the employers to out to them.

The mobile-friendly site is also what the job seekers expect. So to increase right hiring the employers must take the help of technology and make the job search experience as simple and convenient as online shopping.

To conclude, the rule for hiring the best out of the best talent is simple, ‘Be there where the candidates look for the job’. Visit for more career tips. Jobaxy is the online job portals helping job seekers Philippines at each step of job search.

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