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Branding your Resume with Jobaxy | Video Resume


‘Brands’ is something we all are crazy about. This brand frenzy is also seen today in the resumes.  Job seekers are working on branding their resumes appropriate to the targeted employers. Branding your resume means designing it in a unique way to promote your career identity, skills, and passion. In short, your resume should be the essence of your personality. 

What does branding mean? Branding is developing a unique image for your product. Branding is nothing but a promise of the value of the product, a promise that the product is better than all other competing product. The resumes are currently framed, keeping this branding definition in mind. It is nothing but projecting you as the best candidate.

Here let us focus on how to create your own brand on your video resume and how to create a personal branding statement.

The branding statement is used with the headline at the top of your resume, gone are the days of career objective. Your branding statement should describe who you are, your promise of value and showcase what set you apart from other candidates. The branding statement is the punch line of your resume that immediately tells the employer what you can bring to the table.

Your branding statement should be a synopsis of;

Who you are?

What distinctive qualities you have

What sets you apart?   

Your noteworthy accomplishments

This branding statement sets the tone of your resume. Your entire resume should be woven around it, making your image even stronger. Every word that you use should support your branded message and maintain the distinctiveness of your resume.

The branding statement should not only be used in your resumes, it should be used in all your career-related communications like your website, blogs, cover letters, business cards, thank-you letters, portfolio and more. This is because every time the employers see it, they will instantly associate it with you.

Irrespective of whether you are using a text or a video resume, the branding statement must be present. The opening line of your video resume should be the branding statement, which will help take the resume a notch higher.

To sum up, your resume is your sales pitch and should be properly used to sale yourself. If you need some professional help in branding your resume, contact us at Our team is there to help you with all the aspects of the job search.

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