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Find and Recruit the Best Talent in the Philippines


Recruitment is an inevitable part of all the businesses and organizations. As the business grows it requires more qualified hands to complete the work in the stipulated time. Recruiting the best possible talent is thus essential for the successful growth of your organizations. But mind you it is not a cake walk to find talent, there are many challenges involved in this process.

Different countries have different issues to address to find the talent and the Philippines is no exception. The Philippines has a young and skilled talent pool but again the question arises how to find the best. No need to worry though, here is listed recruitment tips to help you find the best possible talent.

Know What You Want – This is absolutely essential, the first step when the thought of recruitment creeps in your mind. List the job positions you are recruiting and note down the job profile. This will give you an idea about the qualification and skills required. According to this, you can search for the candidates that best match your requirements.

Focus on Quality of Hire – Your recruitment strategy’s priority should be quality of hire. The hiring cost and the time should be secondary. If you do not recruit the best talent than you will spend more on terminating him and re-recruiting. Hence focusing on the quality of the candidates is essential. Take your time and once you are satisfied hire the candidate. But taking your time doesn’t mean a slow-paced process making the candidate lose the interest.

Performance Objectives – An important recruitment tip for the Philippines market is to recruit using performance objectives rather than listing the credentials. Check out this example, if your requirement is of a well-experienced candidate, instead of saying you need the candidate with specific role experience of 10 years you should mention the job description clearly and say that you need someone who has successfully executed a project in compliance with the vacancy’s requirements. Well, the years of experience are important but the successful history of performance is certainly more valuable. 

Referrals – Word of mouth is an effective tool in the Philippines. Employee referral programs are thus good to invest in.  In this program you provide incentives to your current employee after every successful hire, making the process of spreading good word lucrative for the employees. If statistics are to be believed the candidates hired through the employee referrals have a long-term association with your company.  The employee referrals help you to connect with the massive talent pool of the passive job seekers.

Positive Candidate Experience – Providing a positive candidate experience is a key thing for attracting the best talent. Make your recruiting process smart. Keep the candidates informed about their progress in your recruitment ladder so that the candidate never loses interest in your company. And even if the candidate is not selected for any reasons he will always have a good thing to pass on about your company.

To sum-up being proactive and highly competitive is what is required for hiring best of best. Don’t forget that you have to compete with the top players in your industry as best talent is everyone’s requirement.

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