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Going For Walk-ins? Think Twice !!


  Walk-in interviews are a trend all over the world today, and the Philippines job market isn’t shying away from it. Walk-in-interviews are a major part of Philippines job culture but are these walk-ins beneficial for the job seeker is a question of debate.

  A walk-in interview is typically a screening that happens without any appointment or scheduled meeting. These walk-in interviews mostly take place at job fairs, or career events or sometimes the companies host the walk-in interviews at their office premises. Walk-in interviews are mainly preferred by job seekers as they feel it is hassle free and informal as compared to the regularly scheduled interviews. But is it so?

  We all know every coin has two sides and this holds true for walk-in interviews as well. It has its share of disadvantages. Firstly it is a time-consuming process. You need to sit for hours sometimes to get a chance to see the interviewer. The time taken could impact negatively on your overall performance at the interview and could hamper your chance of getting through.

  Walk-ins are open to all so it has a huge gathering of job seekers and there could be a chance for you to get lost in the crowd. In walk-ins where a general screening is done the first impression is usually decisive for your possible candidature. One mistake and you are out of the race. Creating a thumping first impression and standing out from the crowd could be challenging in these situations.

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