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What is Group Discussion?


Group discussion is one of the hiring techniques, which are conducted in companies to select the best from the best. It is the best technique to judge the candidates before hiring them. The capability of the candidates is judged on various parameters by the hiring managers. Read on to know in detail about group discussion.

As mentioned earlier, group discussion is a hiring technique to select the perfect candidate for the particular job position. The GD round as it often called is an informal discussion conducted between the candidates. A group of about 10 candidates with similar education background is created to discuss a topic. The candidates are judged by the panel that has 2 to 4 panellists who evaluate the candidate on the content and delivery.

The GD topic is provided by the hiring managers or the panellists. The topics given are classified into three categories factual, abstract and research. After giving the topic the candidates are given about 5 to 10 minutes to think about the topic and frame their points. Then the discussion starts, which lasts for about 15 to 30 minutes. The discussion is minutely observed by the panellists who preside over the GD round and evaluate each candidate.

The typical evaluation parameters that the candidates are evaluated on are subject knowledge, thought process, creativity, originality, voice, body language, analytical skills, fluency, initiative and pro-activeness, leadership, overall behaviour in the group, enthusiasm, and listening abilities.

The GD round is of particular importance to the employers as it evaluates how the candidate behaves in a team. In all the organizations across all the industries, the candidate has to work in a team and there how the candidate interact with a team is an essential selection criterion. The companies conduct the GD round:

  • To select the ideal candidate
  • To test if the candidate is a team player
  • To check the business communication skills.
  • To check the interactive skills
  • Check the spontaneity of the thoughts.
  • To study the overall behavior and attitude of the candidate

Due to the fierce competition for grabbing the job, the candidates are judged on various aspects. So just being technologically sound is not enough to get the job. As a candidate, you need to prepare yourself for group discussions along with the personal interview and the technical tests. help you in all these aspects.

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