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How a Good Video Resume Leads to a Good Job


Employers nowadays frequently use the video technology for interviewing the candidates. Interviewing candidates over the visual communication is a low-cost hiring method for the employers. As the employers are becoming more comfortable with the video technologies, the job seekers should also take the help of this technology to impress the employers even before the actual interview. This is possible with the use of video resumes

The video resume is a short recording created by the job seeker to be uploaded on the Internet. It typically lasts for about a minute or two. It describes the skills and accomplishments of the job seeker. These resumes are unique and are powerful enough to impress the employer. They promote your selling points in a creative way to the recruiters and tell the employer that you have taken efforts for the job.

Today the competition is fierce. There would be hundreds of applications for the same job and it is crucial for your resume to get noticed to pass the initial screening. Just crafting a professional three-page resume will not make you stand out from the crowd. The usual three-page resume lie somewhere in the pile of resumes while the creative one gets noticed. Thus it will not be wrong in saying that the video resumes can steer you through the initial screening process.

Many recruiters prefer these resumes today as compared to the traditional paper resume as they are able to see and hear the candidate. From the resume itself, they can make out whether or not the candidate possesses the spark they are looking for in their future employee.

They are excellent for the direct customer-facing industry like the hotel and hospitality, retail, call centers. These resumes showcase the charming personality of the candidate based on which the employer can take a call on the candidate. Other more traditional industries can also benefit from it while screening the job applications.

The videos allow job seekers an opportunity to establish a relationship with the recruiter even before the interview. However, the video resume should be unique, creative and professionally made. Let’s take a look at these valuable tips that will help create a perfect video resume.

Short and Crisp – Your resume should be short yet crisp. It should not be more than 90 seconds but should be interesting enough to impress the employer and tempting him to know more about you.   

Appearance – Your appearance matters. Dress your professional best as if you are attending an interview.

Surrounding – Shoot the video in a clean well-lit area. Remove all the clutter from the place that you are shooting.

Follow a Script – While shooting the video it is advisable to keep a script handy and follow it. Do not read directly from it, but having a script ready you identify exactly what you have to say making it a perfect video.

Highlight your selling point – Remember that the recording is just 90 seconds long. Don’t waste time on details. Merely highlight your strong point in accordance with the job you are applying for.

Be creative – Think something that is out of the box. Just don’t read your resume here. Be creative to demonstrate your charisma and passion. The sky is the limit here to showcase your personality, however, keep in mind your target audience.

Undoubtedly the video resume can land you the job of your dreams if it is made professionally. If not you could be laughing stock. Getting it right can be pretty tough. If you require any assistance in designing the perfect video resume please contact us at Jobaxy is the leading online job portal in the Philippines and pioneers the video resumes.

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