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How Technology Is Changing the Filipino Workplace


An economy, primarily based on agriculture saw a drift towards the global digitization. As the technology took charge of almost all the different industries, it was apparent that the traditional work culture and workplace witnessed a major change.

The emerging trends in the digital workspace have an influence on the Filipino employees and the employers and why not to stay rooted in this era both need to be technologically updated. Efforts are to be taken by the company to encourage the employees to be aware of the technological know-how to cope with the digital workplace trends. 

As an employer in the Philippines, you need to take-a-note of these changes; the technology will bring in the Filipino work trend and should prepare the employees for the tech-race. Steps in this direction will be:

Use of cloud technologies – The internet has drastically changed the way of storing data. Nowadays all the data, all the files, instructions, reports, and all other significant information can be stored in the cloud. This helps in accessing the data from anywhere without being physically present in the office. All you need is an Internet connection.

The rise of virtual offices – The virtual offices are common these days, particularly in the BPO industry as here the employees work with teams from different geographic locations. The workplace setting enables all the team members to be on the same page.  Along with BPO, the IT sector and many other industries virtual offices are a reality.

Tech-savvy workforce –Use of machine learning and artificial intelligence shows that technology is evolving at an incredible pace, and everyone cannot match it. So while hiring new employees hire highly skilled techies to achieve the great heights. 

Educating the employee about the New Technologies – Just incorporating the latest technology in your firm is not enough. It is important to educate the employees about the proper use of the various tools used in the workplace. The mastery of these technologies helps reduce the risk of failure in handling the company or customer data.

Focus on the functionality – Technology is used to enhance work processes to increase the productivity. But to achieve it you should have the right hardware and software solutions, otherwise, you will not acquire the desired results.

To sum up, the use of technology is necessary for the success of your organization. The only essential aspect here is to slightly change the work culture and convince the employees how instrumental the technology is to achieve success in the workplace.

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