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How to Get the Best Job in Philippines with Jobaxy Profile


Are you looking for a job in Philippines? Have you thought of creating your brand online? Yes, nowadays you need to brand yourself. Your strong online presence is crucial for acquiring your ‘dream job’. Create your profile with Jobaxy and let the job find you.

Gone are the days when only you, the jobseeker were job hunting. Earlier the only method for job search was applying to the job postings. To be honest it was not possible for the candidate to go through each and every job post, resulting in missing some best opportunities. The loss was for both the job seeker as well as the recruiter. Today, however, even the recruiters search for the profiles to acquire the best talent to enhance their workforce.

If you are job searching, take a minute and think is your profile accurate and updated. There are many job portals where you can create your profile. Follow these simple steps and experience the magical results of having a complete updated profile:

Step1 – First step obviously is to register with the job portal and go to ‘Create Your CV’.

Step2 – Specify your job title. This is important for recruiters to be able to find you through the keywords search.

Step3 - Evaluate your skills. This is where you choose all your skills. This makes it easier for recruiters to compare their required qualifications with your skill sets.

Step4 - Fill out the all the important details. Make sure to fill all your personal details so that the recruiter can contact you. Mention that you are immediately available so that the employers know that you are ready for the interview immediately.

Step5 - Upload your most updated CV and publish it, of course after checking the terms and condition of use and privacy statements.

Having your updated profile on the job portals increases your chances of getting the job. However, if you want to create an even stronger impact and job assurance, register with Jobaxy. Jobaxy is the online job portal advocating audio video resume. The video resume is a short clip lasting for about 60 to 90 seconds that describes the skills and accomplishments of the job seeker.

These video resumes are unique and very powerful. You get a chance to be creative and promote your selling points going beyond the typical format of the text resume. For the recruiter, these video resumes are as good as the first round of interview as they can judge from your personality, overall mannerism, and body language whether or not you are fit to work in their organizations. Thus it will not be wrong in saying that the video resume can steer you through the initial screening process.

So, what are you waiting for? Create your profile with Jobaxy and grab the best jobs in the Philippines.

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