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Audio-Video Resume : How To Make Perfect Audio Video Resume?

How to make effective audio video resume? 

In today's highly competitive job market, creating the impressive video resume that can make you stand out from the crowd is very important. Check out our samples on video resume and shoot your perfect shot by getting it right!

The bitter truth about today’s recruitment world is cut-throat competition. For a single job opening in Philippines, there are hundreds of job seekers applying every day. Job hiring in Philippines has become a tough process with the number of job seekers increasing day-by-day. So is there any way for the job seeker to stand out from the rest of the crowd and get the attention of the employer? There could be no other way but to sell yourself smartly. Audio-Video resume does just the thing for you – in style!

Video resume, the newest sensation in the employment industry undoubtedly helps you to get noticed and bag that dream job. The video resume is your best bet to impress the prospective employer. But, if not designed correctly, it could be a laughing stock and can hinder your chances of making it for the interview.

If you are creating a video resume, here are a few tips that will help you brand yourself and make the perfect first impression on your future employer:

Keep It Short The video resumes should be brief and crisp. It should be in between 60-90 seconds. Refrain from creating long videos, as it may not interest the recruiter.

Plan In Advance Planning is the key for successful video resume. You should work on all the minute details. Be creative and think about how you want your resume to be, what points you want to cover, where you want to shoot.

Prepare the Script Once you have finalized what points you want to include, write it down. Putting your ideas on paper makes things clear, and you will not forget the important points. The most important points in the video should be your value to the company, your skills, education and accomplishments. Do not read directly from the script; just use it as a guideline.

Be Industry Specific This is an important aspect again while shooting a video resume. Prepare the video keeping in mind the industry and the job position you are applying for. A video resume created for a call center job will differ from the one created for the banking sector.

Be Professional – Video resume enables the employer to see you, and they can easily judge you by your attitude, mannerism and body language. Presentation thus is very crucial. Dress as if you are going for an interview. Wear your confidence. Maintain a confident and professional demeanor. Pay attention to the background while shooting. It should be neat and well-lit. A white colored background is the most preferred one. Any background noise should also be avoided.

Voice Your voice should be clear, polite and audible. The language used should be simple and free from any slang. Avoid using long sentences. Instead, use shorter ones.

Watch Your Video Once you are done with shooting, watch your video and look for any room to improvise. If there are any discrepancies in the background or in your talking, reshoot it. You are free to have as many takes as you want.

Get Feedback Getting feedback from others is important before uploading it. Share your video with your family and friends. Ask them for their valuable comments and make changes accordingly.

A well-designed video resume can strengthen your chances as a possible candidate. Jobaxy is a pioneer of audio and video resumes. Our team helps you in designing a perfect video resume by giving you all the tricks and tips. Samples of video resumes are also available for your guidance and reference. Simply register with Jobaxy, the best job portal in Philippines and fly high.


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