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How to Organize Your Job Search in Philippines


While looking for a job especially when you are into active job search it is for sure that you will be applying for several opportunities at the same time. The many multiple applications mean you have to deal with different tailor-made resume, cover letters, many names and different deadlines at the same time. Believe me, it is not an easy task to keep track of all this at the same time, which may lead to disorganization and ultimately failure.

Yes, a disorganized job search can be the root cause of your failure. The disorganization may lead to embarrassing mistakes such as lost contact numbers and names, missed deadlines and also missed interviews. Just being careless can cost you, your job. But you don’t worry; we have certain simple tips that will help you keep your job search organized.

1: Know Your Career Goals

The first step always is, knowing what you want. When you are searching for a job generally, you are just on applying spree. Yes, you have to fill the job application, but first, you need to decide on your career goals. You should be clear as to which direction you want your job search to go, which is your preferred industry to work and so on. Here we are talking about long term career goals. Imagine where you want to be 10 years later and set your goal accordingly.

2: Job Search Philippines

The next step after deciding your career goal is to search for the jobs. Job search is time-consuming and for the matter of fact can be boring. But you should devote a fair amount of time especially for this to keep your job search organized. You can look out for the job opportunities on the job portals, company sites and newspaper classifieds, etc.

3: Job Applications

Once you have selected the jobs you should start applying. Remember your resume and cover letter should be tailor-made for each job you apply. Another golden rule while applying is to focus on quality rather than quantity, to stick to organized job search. Focus on your career goals strictly and apply for the jobs that are in sync with it. You can further narrow down your search by choosing the jobs that match best with your qualification and skills.

4: Maintaining Records and Tracking Your Application

This step is most important to keep your job search organized. When you are applying for multiple job positions at the same time, keeping track of all the applications is essential. The best method is to create an excel sheet that contains all the information regarding each application. It should include:

Name of the Company and Address

Contact Information including the name of contact, email, and phone number

Date of submitting the application

Deadlines for upcoming information and the interview dates

The date of follow up. Here mention the follow-up date after applying and after the interview.

Application Status – Rejected, waiting to hear back, or a scheduled interview. 

Following these steps, your job search Philippines is sure to stay organized and certainly effective. For more information on jobs and job search Philippines visit 

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