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How to Overcome Disappointment at Work


Rejection is always associated with disappointment. Yes, we all get disappointed when we face rejection or when something doesn’t happen as per our wish. Though it is valid to be disappointed by rejection, one should always remember that it is not the end. Disappointment is an inevitable part of our lives and dealing with it is not an easy job.  

I believe that when you are sad or disappointed give yourself some time to overcome it. Time is the best healer. Having said that do not keep sulking for long. There are some methods by which you can get rid of the disappointment and restart the job search with a new zeal.

  1. Be Calm – Being dejected over rejection is normal. But it leads to anger so you should not let the disappointment overpower you. Sometimes you may lash out at people around you, that you may regret later and it might even be harmful in the future. Hence, the best thing here is to stay calm. It’s fine to vent out your anger but be sure not to damage your career further.
  1. Don’t Take Rejection Personally – This is an important point. You should never take rejections personally. You are rejected just because you are not fit for the role, it doesn’t mean you don’t have potential or there are any personal grudges of the interviewer.  Accept the rejection with grace and maturity.
  1. Distraction Works – When you are depressed, you will think about it every second. This will waste your time and energy and will bring in negativity. So the best way is to distract yourself and shift your focus on something else. Indulge in some hobby. Join a gym, go for a run, visit an art gallery, or read a new book. Give yourself a breather and do something of your interest. It will do wonders in treating your disappointment.
  1. Meet People – Don’t be home alone with your thoughts. Meet people who care about you. They will not only help you get out of this phase but they might help you with new leads.
  1. Look for your Weaknesses and Address them - This is the time to introspect. Your skills, your resume, your interview skills, your dress everything. Look at what went wrong or where you are. Check if you are applying for the right role. Restructure your job search strategy. Once you have figured out the areas where you need to grow, face the issues head-on and fix them. If you need to upgrade your skills join the required classes. If your problem is the interview presentation, the solution is simple, practice and more practice with some of your friends. Revamp your wardrobe for that perfect professional look.  
  1. Keep Trying – Rejection doesn’t mean it is the end of the world. There are thousands of jobs, so keep on searching till you find the right job for you. Focus on your goals and don’t panic. Keep on trying and your patience and perseverance will pay off. Maybe it will take time but you will certainly land your dream job.  


If you are rejected, don’t just be disappointed. Get up and keep applying for jobs with a stronger determination. If you need any assistance in finding the best job in Philippines, Jobaxy is there to help. With thousands of jobs listed, we are one of the leading job search portals in the Philippines.

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