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How to Search a Job during a Pandemic


Job search is a nerve-racking process and this pandemic has taken it to the next level. Owing to the current global crisis there are so many people worldwide who have suddenly become jobless; and hence the job search process can be even more intimidating. The job market is flooded with prospective candidates making it the case of ‘survival of the fittest’.

Although we are currently amid an unfortunate global event, we cannot let it dictate our future. Being safe is of paramount importance today and searching for a job following the new normal rules is certainly not a cakewalk.  

Here are some simple effective steps that will help you search job in this pandemic.

  1. Give more importance to Quantity – There is always a debate, whether you should go for quantity or quality while applying for the jobs. But in the current scenario, give importance to quantity.

While applying for the jobs think about all the skills you have, even those you have never used professionally. Search for jobs based on all those skills and find out the matching jobs across diverse domains. Once you have the list, just make a few tweaks to your resume to match the job profile and apply for the job.


  1. Float your Resume on Job Portals – You might have visited the job profile sites earlier. Now is the time to revisit them. Float your updated resume on job portals like Jobaxy and be visible to the employers. Jobaxy gives you the freedom to search for the desired job from their huge database and also give equal liberty to the employers to pick up the right candidate for their job vacancies.


  1. Some Homework is required – When in search of a job, people often say, “Please keep me in mind if you hear any job openings.” The request is valid but the problem is that it is too vague, and anyone can easily forget it just because they have other priorities. So, when you ask for a favour to someone you should be ready with the specific questions.

Before approaching anyone please go through their company’s website, look for the roles matching your skills and then ask them whether they can refer you to the right hiring managers. People will certainly help you.


  1. Every Second is Important, don’t waste time – While searching for the job it is essential to move quickly and honestly. Perhaps you don’t want to show your desperation but there is no point beating around the bush. Approach to the companies directly. If possible talk to the hiring manager and explain your situation.

I would like to quote an example here. One of my friends lost his job and he was again back to job hunting. He approached directly to other company and explained everything to the hiring manager. The manager didn’t have any vacancies but he referred him to another firm where he was hired.

In this pandemic era, explaining the situation to the hiring managers will not be a problem.  But  you need to act quickly, as there are many people in the same situation and are fighting for the  vacant role. Keep your updated CV ready and apply quickly for any vacancies.


  1. Let the Hiring Manager meet the real you – I have seen through years that many candidates fake answers. The answers are bookish and are just to impress the interviewer. No doubt at the time of interview you have to impress the interviewer but don’t fake things.

When you are called for the interview it means you qualify for the job, now all depends on how confident you are during the interview, your mannerism and your soft skills. Candidates tend to use heavy words like ‘problem solver’, ‘team player’ and so on to prove their soft skills but these words does not create the desired impact. You need to prove your worth. What works is robot science, sometimes a warm confident smile, or your passion about the work.


  1. Use this Time Fruitfully – Job search may take time. Use this time in a positive way instead of just sulking. Upgrade your existing skills or learn some new skill that may help you grab a job. Also, you can pursue any of your hobbies. This will help you stay calm and cheerful and might also open new job opportunities for you.  


  1. Update your Resume – When you have time, think about updating your resume. Once the updated resume is ready it will be easy for you to apply for the job immediately. Think about creating a video resume. In this pandemic situation, video resumes can be quite useful.


Job search is no doubt challenging and in this economic condition, it could be more daunting. It is so easy to get discouraged but stay focused and you could just land your dream job. Visit us at and give your job search a new start.  

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