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How You Prepare Yourself for Tough Interview Questions


You have applied for a job and are waiting eagerly for the interview call. The hiring managers or the recruiters select the best resumes they think are the perfect fit for the job from the hundreds of resumes they receive for a job opening. The candidates they select are called for the job interview.

The job interview is your chance to grab your dream job. It is where you can impress the recruiters with your charm and confident and convince them that you are the best candidate for the job. So once you have applied for the job start preparing for the interview. You just can’t afford to make any mistakes here. To help you prepare well for the interview, we have listed below the most common job interview questions and what should be your ideal answers.   

  1. ‘Tell me about yourself’ – When we meet someone this is the first thing we’ll ask them and so is the case with the interviews as well. The interviewer asks this question to know about you and also to judge how you present yourself.  

As it is said well begun is half done, how you answer this question, sets the tone of your interview. So, you should prepare your answer well but while speaking don’t just reply like you have memorized your answer. When you are preparing for this question, note down all the points that you would like the interviewer to know about you. Talk about your interests, your career aspirations, about any relevant experience and all your ‘selling point’. But keep in mind that you are not just reading your resume, be creative and describe yourself. 

  1. What are your Strengths and Weaknesses – This question is tricky. Prepare this answer carefully. While talking about the strength you can highlight your strong points that could be the asset for the job.  

You need to be very careful while talking about your weaknesses. Here you should site your weakness but emphasize more on how you learned from it and how it helped you grow more professionally. For example, if your weakness is interpersonal skills, you can frame your answer including an experience in which you have learned from this weakness.

  1. ‘Why should I hire you’ – By asking this question the interviewer analyses whether or not you are the best candidate for the job. The answer to this question should highlight why you are the best. Talk confidently about your qualifications, skills, strengths and all your selling points.
  1. How much salary are you expecting – The interviewer asks this question to see if you know your worth. If you quote too high or too low than the normal industry standards then the result may be impacted negatively. For preparing the answer to this question you need to do some research about the average salary for a particular job position in the industry so that you quote a figure as per the industry standards.
  1. Do you have any questions for me – This question is generally asked to see if the candidate is genuinely interested in working with the company. Many candidates refrain from asking and this may lead to some negative points. So don’t answer this question as ‘no’. But at the same time don’t ask any irrelevant questions. Your questions should be related to the company and the job profile. For example, you can ask them more about the job profile, their expectations from you, or the evaluation system and so on. 

To sum-up, enjoy your interview, establish a good rapport with the interviewer. Remember your interview is just a conversation, a formal one tough. Keep in mind all these tips and confidently go for the interview.

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