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Hunting for a new Job - Do’s and Don’ts for Fresh Graduates


‘Job’ is one of the most important things in our lives. Finding the one perfect job is what everyone dreams of after completing their education. But this job hunting is somewhat stressful and if you are a fresh grad the stress levels can be pretty high. Relax; this happens to everyone.

To lower down the stress associated with job hunting, it needs to be planned strategically. There are certain do’s and don’ts at each step of job searching that if followed to the core your overall journey will be smooth. These dos and don’ts begin right from searching the job posts to applying and to the interview. Let us discuss it to avoid any hiccups while job searching.

The Do’s of the job search

Research the Company Well before Applying – When certain job post excites you, don’t just apply hurriedly because of the excitement. Go through the company website and see if the company is really worth working with and whether or not you can contribute to their success. Researching about the company will also help you prepare your resume and also interview. Consider this as your first step in interview preparation. 

Go Through the Job Post Carefully – The job post clearly mentions the job profile and the required qualifications and skills. Go through it and see if it matches your skill sets if you are comfortable with the job profile. There certainly will be a few adjustments that you have to make while working but they should not be an excuse to leave the job. So carefully check these aspects before applying.

Tailor-made Resumes – A generic resume will not help seek the attention of the employer. Always you should customize the resume for every job you are applying. Keep your resume short, highlight all your selling points, and use the keywords given in the job posts. Also, write a personal cover letter.  

Clean up your Social Media Accounts – Employers today go through the social media accounts of the prospective candidates. So before applying for the job it is a good practice to clean up your social media accounts. Remove all the not-so-good or controversial statements from them to avoid any snap judgement about you.

The Don’ts of Job Search

Don’t forget your Personal Contacts – The personal contacts like your family, friends, and acquaintances can play a great role in your job hunt, by sending you the job posts, referrals or recommending you.  Don’t disrespect them and always be in contact. If you do not have contacts try some networking events or seminars.

Don’t avoid your extracurricular activities – Don’t discontinue persuading your hobby, thinking it is not helpful for your job, because you never know it can just impress the interviewer. Your hobbies whether reading or playing a sport and so on speaks a lot about your personality so just project them and to create an overall positive impact of your personality.

Don’t make Discriminatory Remarks in your Application and Interview – Sometimes to break down the ice we speak certain things that might seriously harm someone. An honest attempt to build a rapport could create conflicts. So please be cautious while playing with words.

Don’t Immediately Re-apply – Sometimes we are in so much love with certain jobs that we immediately re-apply after being turned down. Please don’t do that. Some employers have fixed time-gap for re-application ranging from three to six months. Follow that rule before re-applying.

Remember, while job hunting, one wrong step can ruin everything. Keep your head steady and pave the way for your dream career. Want to know more about the dos and don’ts of job hunting, team Jobaxy is ready to help. Start Hunting for a New Job.

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