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Job Search - Tips and Advice to Find a Job in Philippines


The job search can be a challenging and frustrating experience for almost everyone. To make this experience a bit easier here are a few useful strategies for both the experienced folks looking for a change and the ones looking out for their first job. These tips are beneficial for your job search Philippines at any career level.

The primary requirement is to be organized. Indeed, anything done in a well-organized manner yields better results. Therefore develop your own system for organizing your job search or register with online job portal in Philippines like Jobaxy that keeps your job search organized.

Over here are the few tips that will play a significant role in your journey of finding the job:

Self Assessment – Before embarking on your job search journey, know yourself well. Look for your strengths and weaknesses and figure out what type of work will provide you greater satisfaction.

Resume – After self-assessment your next goal is to create a professional, intriguing and exclusive resume. An ideal resume should include your skills, experience, key accomplishments, and education. The resume should be tailor-made for each job using the keywords that are job specific. Apart from text resume, create a video resume for a more massive impact.

Brand Yourself – The competition is fierce and for succeeding it needs some extra efforts. Brand yourself by creating the best resume and cover letter. Establish your presence online on Twitter, FaceBook, and job portals as the employers scour the web to find the most promising candidates. Branding yourself simply means to showcase your expertise and experience and passion.

Finding the Vacancies – Next step is to look-out for the vacancies in the Philippines. You can search for the job through the classifieds, online job portals, job fairs, and personal contacts.

 1. Classifieds – The leading newspapers in the Philippines include a dedicated classified section. You can go through this section and find the job of     your interest. In addition, make a point to visit the newspaper websites for any positions that fail to appear in the print version. 

 2. Internet Job Portals – There are online job portals in the Philippines. Upload your resume on the job portals like Jobaxy. They have thousands of   job vacancies to choose from. Moreover, the companies also visit these portals to search for the desired candidate.

 3. Job Fair There are job fairs organized in the Philippines quite often. Attending these fairs give you an opportunity to connect with many   employers consequently increasing your chance of finding the job.

 4. Use your ContactsAnother important aspect in the job search is to stay connected. Many times you can find the suitable jobs from the leads   given by your friends, associates, and relatives. Hence don’t hesitate to ask around and share your resume with all your contacts.

Expand your Horizons – Many times we limit ourselves to the familiar industry or work we have been doing. But the truth is that there can be many other industries where your skills are needed and can be used effectively. All you need is to explore and expand your horizons. 

Keep Your Cool – Searching the best job can take a lot of time, which can be frustrating and demoralizing. The key here is to stay positive, hold your head high and move on. Remember that the right is yet to come.

Follow this guideline and be sure to secure a job in Philippines. If you need any assistance in your job search Philippines, we are there to help. Register with Jobaxy and write your own success story!

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