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Job Vacancies in Philippines (2018)


Are you a job seeker and looking for exclusive job openings in Philippines?

If the answer is ‘yes’ then this article is for you.As we all know, the Philippines is a newly industrialized country with a really good performance in economic development. It is rapidly shifting from agriculture based economy to a manufacturing and service industry based economic structure. No doubt, this is creating million new job opportunities for Filipino job seekers in various sectors at different levels.
 But in spite of that, finding out the perfect job that exactly matches your niche is not an easy task. Jobaxy, the new job portal in the Philippines is the perfect place which provides expert recruiting services and offers plenty of job vacancies to choose from.

  Jobaxy follows unique hiring and recruiting techniques that prioritizes both recruiters as well as job seekers needs and easily connects the talented professionals to the quality employers.

Here are the 5 best benefits of Jobaxy

Jobaxy offers new-age video and audio resumes, the most sought after, latest tools for meeting today’s smarter hiring needs. By using a well-planned video resume you can craftily present your skill and experience in an ideal way to impress the recruiter. The employers also have a great advantage in using video resumes as it helps to take a fast decision that saves time and cost involved at every level of the hiring process.

Jobaxy also has excellent text resume as well as visual resume building services, for job seekers who are not so camera friendly. Jobaxy’s experienced resume writers are expert in building top-class customized resumes by hiding and highlighting facts as per your choice.

By creating an account with Jobaxy totally free of cost, you will be able to explore thousands of job vacancies in the Philippines as and when required. You can also hide or un-hide your profile according to your choice, making it’s availability to the recruiters fully optional.

In addition to this, to keep your job search secret, the Jobaxy has a special feature which allows you to block your present employer.

The last but not the least is, Jobaxy offers varieties of skill up-gradation courses for the job seekers. You can easily brush up your skills by enrolling in such courses and make yourself more worthy of various job vacancies in the Philippines.

So why wait for more? To grab your dream job in no time, join the Jobaxy family today only! Wishing you best of luck!



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