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Looking for a job? Here's a complete job guide


Job search is an important but gruelling task for the first-timers as well as the experienced individuals. The experienced professionals undertake this process multiple times and because of the monotony associated with it, they may sometime miss out on some important aspects that might lead to minimizing their chances of getting the job. So, to avoid these things I have compiled a guide that will help you with the entire job search process.

  1. Resume and Cover Letter – Even if you are not looking for a job change, you should always update your resume. While updating the resume have a crisp and clear objective, your profile summary should highlight the key points of your career. The experience part should contain all the details with your roles and responsibilities for all the companies you have worked.  

The Cover letter is also an essential part of the resume. Many employers reject your application if you do not attach the cover letter. For those unfamiliar with the cover letter, it is a document carrying an exclusive message to the employer describing how you are the perfect fit for the role. One important thing is that your cover letter and resume should be devoid of any grammatical mistakes. One such mistake can cost you many jobs. 

One more thing can be part of this resume cover letter package is the portfolio of your work. This is only for those who require to showcase their previous work to land a job like designers, writers, photographers and so on. You can create a portfolio online and can add the link to your resume.

  1. Online Job Applications – Once you are ready with the resume, the next step is to find the jobs. The fastest way to do so is through the Internet, the online job portals and social media.

You might already have your profile on the job portals like Jobaxy but it is essential to update it. Add the latest work experience; change your heading to something attractive to grab the employer’s attention. Use the related keywords in your job title and within the profile.

The social media profiles such as FaceBook, Twitter, and Instagram should also be updated and any debatable content should be removed. The employers today go through your social media profiles to see the real you. Also, you can join groups and discussions related to your profile and follow the companies in your field.

  1. Contact the employers via Emails – A great way to speed up your job search is to contact the company via email. If the company is planning to hire and post the vacancies, your email can just be your interview ticket. However, the company receives countless emails everyday so your email must stand out from others. Your mail should be professional describing your skills, qualifications, and experience.
  1. Referrals and Recommendations – If you have any recommendation letters or job referrals it becomes easy to find a job. When looking for jobs keep this in mind.
  1. Interviews – Interviews either make or break your career. How you fare in the interview decides whether you land the job or not. Interviews could be telephonic, video or walk-in. The general interview thumb rule for any type is preparation. Start preparing as soon as you have applied. Research the company website, learn their objective. Prepare the answers to the common interview questions and also the technical aspect of your job. Be confident while you are being interviewed and try to be in the driver’s seat.

Dress professionally when you are going for walk-in and also when attending the video interview. Crisp formal attire, formal shoes, well-groomed and maintained hair and a face beaming with confidence and a professional attitude should be enough. No slouching or relaxing while facing your interviewer.

To conclude, this guide summarizes different methods, tips and tricks to quickly land a job. If you require any assistance related to your job search Philippines you can visit us at

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