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Looking For a New Job? Boost Your Chances with These 5 Tips


Are you looking for a new job, a new designation, a reputed company or a career switch? Here is your chance to land that dream job. It is so obvious that your dream job will just not fall into your lap; you will have to be proactive, work hard and have a smart job search strategy. Don’t get bogged down. This simple guide will help you improve your chances of landing the dream job.

1. Know What Exactly You are Looking For: 

The first step as always is to identify your dream job. Once you figure out what you want then it will be easy for you to search in the right direction, but if you are unaware then searching could be a task. Those who are clueless about how to find out their dream job we are there to help. The ideal job is one that strikes a balance between your interests, aptitude, and career ambition and of course the monetary gains. It is necessary to consider all these parameters while identifying your dream job.

2. Skills and Work Experience: 

Once you have zeroed down on your dream job, the next step is to check whether you possess the skills required for it. Unless you have the right qualification and skills you will never be considered. So to overcome this hurdle, search on the Internet the required skills for the particular job. Then get yourself enrolled for the required course. However, try and don’t leave your current job while undertaking the course, as it will help you pay the bills. 

Apart from the skills, some jobs come with experience requirements. Again, there are ways to gather the experience as well. Get yourself transferred to the department that is in sync with your career goals or other option is some voluntary work in the particular field to get the desired experience.

3. The Perfect Resume :

Your resume decides whether you will get the interview call. So draft a customized resume in accordance with the job you are applying. The resume should be perfect covering all your selling points and should be accompanied by a cover letter. This holds true for the traditional text resume, but if you want to stand out from the crowd and grab the employer’s attention, go for the video resumes. Video resumes create the wonderful first impression on the hiring managers, compelling them to know more about you.

4. Networking :

Networking plays a major role in career growth and when you are looking for a specific job the importance increases. To increase your probability of grabbing the dream job, connect with people in the same domain or are working in your targeted companies. They can guide you with the fine nuances of the job, which can be beneficial in the interviews. Also, they can introduce you to people in the professional circuit and make you familiarize in the industry.  

5. Interview Preparation : 

The quintessential part – Interview preparation.  It is so obvious that you would not want to lose the opportunity given to you. So start preparing for the interview once you have applied. Go through the technical aspects of the job and prepare the soft skill questions. On the D-Day, dress you professional best and wear your confidence with a positive body language. Speak in a soft polite tone and answer smartly.

Searching for a new job is not a tough task if you follow these steps. For more job search tips, interview tips and jobs in the Philippines visit jobaxy.

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