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My First Job - The Expectations and Challenges Fresh Graduates Face While Searching Their First Job


Job search in the Philippines can be a difficult task and if you are the first-timer, it could be even more daunting. For the first-timers it could be intimidating as you need to figure out where to look for the job, how to look for the job and the interview.

Researching the local job market, networking and getting ready for the interview may not be easy. Finding the right position that matches your experience, skills & qualification could be tricky sometime. Let’s go through the challenges and realities that fresh graduates face when embarking on their first job search in the Philippines.

How to initiate–The first challenge is an obvious one where to look out for the job vacancies? Few job seekers are placed directly from the campus, few of the candidates get leads through their friends and family. But what about the others. The answer is simple, the print and electronic media have designated pages for a job search in the Philippines. But the best is the online job portals. 

How a Perfect Resume Should Look – Resume is the pre-requisite for the job search. It is the first meeting between you and your prospective employer, which certainly has to be good and interesting enough for the employer to call you for the interview. This could be challenging for the first-timers as they are not clear as to what exactly the employer is looking for on the resume. This challenge can be overcome with some professional help.

Lack of Experience – Lack of experience could be the biggest challenge that the first-time job seeker could face. Almost all job adverts today have ‘experience’ as one of the requirements. Where do you get this experience if you are a first-time job seeker? Experts suggest volunteering as one of the best methods to get the required experience. Apart from the experience, volunteering helps in learning professionalism, time management and helps in developing connections.

Lack of Job Market Information – While doing a job search in Philippines, you should have a fair idea about the job market. Many first-timers are not aware of what ‘job market’ is. Job market means, the study of the available jobs in the geographical area at the given time. By knowing your job market you find out what the employers are looking for in your area thus making it easier to find the perfect match.

Naive Interview Skills– As the first-timer, many job seekers do not have smart interview skills, which could be again one the biggest challenges faced by them.

All this and more could dampen the spirit of the first-time job seekers. But we are there to help. Our team of experts’ help you overcome all the hurdles in your way and promise you success. Visit us at and enjoy your job search in the Philippines.

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