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Reasons Why Jobseeker Have Trouble Finding a Job


Finding a job could be quite a tough task. There is severe competition in the job market and if you want to succeed you need to do everything right. There is no scope for mistakes. It is a general trend that many job seekers experience trouble in finding a job. The reason for the same is unknown to them.

After going through many such cases we figured out a few points that could be the reason behind the failure. Let’s go through them:

  • Lack of Passion and Persistence – It is mostly seen that the job seekers start their job search with a bang. But somehow after the initial few interviews, the passion just disappears. They simply forget that staying live in the game always is the basic requirement in the job search. You need to find out lots of avenues for tasting success. For this you need to persistently be in touch with people you know like friends, family, colleagues, acquaintances and recruiting managers so that you don’t miss any openings anywhere.  
  • No Systematic Job Search Plan – Many times it is seen that the job seekers do not have a systematic plan for job search. They just apply to any opportunity, which could lead to failure. It is a good practice to have a plan ready before finding a job. The system should have everything noted down from your goals, to plan of action. The idea is to act as per the plan.
  • Unprofessional Resume – It is a known fact that the resume is your first impression. If it can convince the clients, you get the interview call. But many job seekers fail to design a perfect selling resume. The resume developing tools and templates available online, even then the candidates are not able to craft a unique resume that fetches them the interview ticket.
  • Poor Interview Skills – Some candidates have poor interview skills. They are unable to drive the interview themselves and fell prey to the tricks of the interviewer. They are not able to advocate their selling points and couldn’t tell the employer what they will bring to the table. This could be because the candidates don’t prepare themselves for the interview. Sometimes the job seekers take the interview too casually and do not even dress properly for it and lose the job even before saying anything.
  • Poor Responses – The answers the candidates give are sometimes too wacky and unprofessional. For example, if they are asked about the reasons behind leaving their previous job, they don’t answer it professionally. Either they will have some bragging answers or they will bad mouth the previous employer. Both these answers are not at all expected at the professional level and they are simply rejected.
  • Candidates Aren’t Flexible – Some candidates have certain things fixed in their mind like the company they want to work in, the job profile or position they want, their salary demand and they are not at all flexible. In this case, to find a job that matches their expectations becomes difficult. Being so selective can be detrimental. 


These are some points because of which the candidates find it difficult to grab their dream job. If you have any queries related to the jobs in the Philippines don’t hesitate to contact one of our efficient team members on

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