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Strategies to Help You to Set Goal


You are doing everything right, but still, your career is not shaping the way you imagined and you are unable to pursue your career goal. Setting the SMART goals is also of no help, this is the time to reconsider your goals and approach them differently. Here we are listing three unique strategies that will help you achieve your career goal. 

  1. The Kylego Exercise (Kylego goal)

In this exercise, you visualise the future as if it has already happened. You talk, write or think about the next years as if it’s already taken place. You reflect on your success, narrate your feelings and actions of the goal as if you have achieved them. This exercise is a tremendous motivation and helps in building confidence.

For example, a Kylego goal maybe like this: “In the past two years, I have achieved all that I wanted to. I am the VC of this reputed company, all the hard work that I have put in is bearing fruits. My personal life is great. Just a couple of days ago I returned from an exclusive European holiday. We frequently take small trips to spend time as a family. Ahh! This is the way I wanted my life to be.”

Dream big and chase your dreams, the simple principle of this exercise. The Kylego exercise works as it encourages liberal unrestrained thinking. No need to think realistic here as the sky is the limit. The realistic approach of setting goals sometimes leads you nowhere. But this method will certainly help in achieving your goals.

The next question that pop-up in your mind is how to start this. 

  • First thing, you will need someone with whom you can share Kylego goals. Your partner should listen to your goals with interest and should go gaga over your success.
  • Make sure you are narrating all the events as if they have already happened.   
  • Once you are done speaking and narrating your Kylego goals, think about each event that you have narrated and outline three actions you can do this month to achieve those goals. Don’t rush things go step by step. Conquer one event after another, success is guaranteed.


  1. The Accountability Partner

This strategy focuses on having a partner in crime to achieve your goal. The accountability partner is the one you meet regularly to discuss your goals. Here unlike the Kylego goals, both the members are talking. Each one discusses their major goals and also about the actions they need to perform this week to achieve or inch closer to the goals. The partners can advise each other some steps that can be helpful. Then the partners meet after a week to see if they followed their path in achieving their weekly goals. If you face some challenges you can also get feedback on it and ways to win over it. This pattern is followed until both of them achieve their career goals.

This strategy works because when you have someone to frequently check your progress, you will definitely put in extra efforts to prove to be worthy to your words. This partnership increases your focus on your goals. This sharing and learning is extremely motivational and will revive the momentum in achieving your career goals

How to get started:

  • The requisite for this process is to find an accountable partner, the person should be someone you are comfortable with, who is equally passionate about achieving the goals, someone who will be able to give you an honest opinion and will meet you each week.
  • Next, decide on the format of each meeting
  • Listen to each other’s goals and if necessary suggest some methods that you think could be beneficial.
  • Encourage your partner. And challenge any negative self-beliefs that they have.
  • Every session should end with a well-etched plan of actions to achieve your weekly milestone.
  •  Be committed to those weekly meetings.


  1. The Productivity Quadrant

Many times we set the goals and priorities without weighing its importance and we waste our time and energy on the less important thing. The productivity quadrant, however, encourages us to think about each priority, assess the time we spend on it and then decide if that action will bring us closer to our goal. Let’s see how to map our goals in the productivity quadrant. These are the four quadrants that will help in mapping your goals under different sections.

  1. Urgent but less important
  2. Urgent and important
  3. Not urgent and not important
  4. Not urgent but important

This categorization helps you quickly understand where you are spending time, which task is urgent and which is not. This will help you in smartly moving towards your long term goals as you can prioritize your tasks. 

To start:

  • List all the task that you need to fulfil in a day along with the time required for each task.
  • Place your tasks in your own productivity quadrant.  
  • Study the quadrant well and plan your day according to the result.


To sum up, continue to evaluate and re-evaluate your goals and find a way to achieve them. For knowing more strategies to achieve your career goals and job search visit us

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