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Top 7 tips for Successful Recruitment


‘Requirement’, is an inevitable chapter for all the companies whether small or big. Hiring an efficient workforce is the pre-requisite for your success. Recruitment can be a long and tiring process. Time, money and energy of the employer are at stake while he is recruiting. However, all you need is a smart recruiter who plans smart to yield the best results.                                    

Listed here are seven steps that will help you in successful recruitment:

1. Know What You Want -

The first step for successful recruitment is to know what you are looking for. You can’t write and post an advertisement until you know what you want.  Once you are clear with your requirements, you can create a perfect job description and will be able to hire the best candidate. 

2. The Job Description - 

Writing a solid explanatory job description is the key in the hiring process. The job description should be unambiguous. It should explain the role’s key tasks and responsibilities. You can also mention the reporting manager and the hierarchy of your company.

3. The Candidate Profile -

After you pen down the job description next thing to decide is the candidate profile. List what education the job demands, the years of experience, specific industry experience and any particular skill sets. Sometimes even the hobbies and interests of the candidate can play a role in hiring.

4. Write a Compelling ad or Job Post -

Once sure with the job requirements write a job post on free job posting sites in Philippines. The job advert should attract the candidate and should compel him to apply for the vacancy. The job advert must contain the job responsibilities, the required qualifications and few lines about the company. But for a compelling job post, you need to spice it up. Let the candidates know how awesome you are, your great team, your amazing work culture, and your extraordinary employee policies. Be extravagant sell your company and the position.

5. Get the Word Out -

Let people know you are hiring. It is generally a good idea to start your search with your contact’s contact and employee referrals. Reaching to people is easier these days. Use of social media to search for the right candidate is highly recommended. You can post your ad on best job portal in Philippines and job boards to reach out to the candidates.

6. Structure The Interview -

It is important to determine the structure of your interview before setting up the interviews. You need to set a level in which you can ask each candidate the same questions, this helps in easy comparison. You need to ask specific recruiting questions relevant to the role and its responsibilities. Use the detailed job description and give the candidates certain situations to assess their knowledge, skills, and problem-solving abilities. This will give you an insight into how the candidate would perform.  

7. The Interviews -

After screening the applications you have shortlisted some candidates. Now is the time to set-up the interviews. Ideally, it is recommended to have face-to-face interviews rather than telephonic ones. But owing to the time consumed many interviewers do not meet the candidate personally until the round 2 of the interview. Keep the interview focused. Make sure to create a good candidate experience end to end. A talented candidate is also interviewing your organization and judging the potential workplace. So do all you can to ensure that you do not loose on the talented candidates due to the poor hiring process.

These are the basic seven steps for effectively recruiting the great candidates. If you require any assistance in the hiring process feel free to contact us at Jobaxy help meet the best talent with the best recruiter.

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