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The 10 Most In-Demand Jobs in the Philippines for 2019


Are you looking for jobs in Philippines or planning a career change? You should be well aware of the in-demand jobs in the Philippines so that you can prepare and apply accordingly. Let us look at some of the most demanding jobs for 2019.

1. Technical Support Staff:-

This job is a part of the business process outsourcing industry. This industry sees many vacancies either in the form of call centre agents or email support staff. If interested in joining this industry, you require the knowledge of various technological applications of the Internet, DSL, telephone operations and other technological stuff.

2. Call Centre Agents:-

Call centre industry is the largest industry in the Philippines boosting the economy. Call centres always require more people. With the basic knowledge of computer and the Internet, phone etiquettes and English speaking skills you are good to join as a call centre agent.

3. Software Engineers:-

We want the world on our fingertips. There is an increase in the use of digital services from emails, online shopping, booking a taxi, and paying utility bills, streaming the latest TV series and much more. As the digitalization is increasing it is obvious that there is a great demand for software engineers.

4. Data Scientists:-

Machine learning and automation are becoming a reality in industries and hence the demand for the data scientists is rising. The position of data scientist is fairly new and it sees a scarcity in skilled data scientists.  

5. Accountants:-

Though the finance industry is undergoing automation, still there is a high demand for the accountants in the Philippines. Book-keeping and organizational skills remain a major key to the success of any business.  

6. Civil Engineers:-

The construction industry in the Philippines is booming. From commercial developments to residential properties to office spaces, there is an increase in the infrastructural projects. Civil engineers are thus in high demand to spearhead these large-scale projects for the growth across the country.

7. Human Resource (HR) Manager:-

The corporate world sees an influx of jobs every day. With the growth in the number of jobs the challenge to find the right talent for the right position increases. This is made easy by the HR managers who strive hard to find the best talent for the continued success of the businesses. The HR managers, responsible for finding and managing the resources are also in great demand. 

8. Market Research Analysts:-

Market research is essential when you are thinking of launching a new product or expanding your business. Market research analysts are thus incredibly valuable to companies to conduct consumer surveys and interpret the collected data. For the successful product launch and expansion of the business, the position of market research analysts is becoming increasingly popular.

9. Nurses:- 

The nurses are the backbone of the hospitals and medical facilities. The job demands mental and emotional strength, focus and sympathetic attitude. Nurses care for society and hence this job is always sought-after.

10. Manufacturing Factory Workers:-

The second biggest industry in the Philippines after the service industry is manufacturing. This industry is also a big employer for the Filipinos and hires continuously. Those interested in the manufacture jobs can make it big here.

Apart from these, there are vacancies for sales executives, receptionists and many more. 

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