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The Topmost Checklist for Filipino Job Seekers


Job search is an important phase of life that is exciting as you are standing on the door of a completely new world. This excitement could, however, be short-lived as the job search comes with its own challenges and hard times.

If you are lucky enough to get through quickly than the experience is purely great, otherwise, it is very bitter. With hundreds and thousands of jobseekers eyeing for the job, landing the dream job could just be a dream. But to achieve your dream all you require is some patience, proper planning, and execution. Here is the jobseeker checklist that will help you through the entire process of job search.

The checklist is designed by professionals, stating the dos and don’ts in each stage of the process right from preparing your resume, searching the job, interviews and more. This checklist will surely increase the probability of you landing the job you want. 

Step 1: Self-Assessment

This is the first and the obvious step, which generally the job seekers do not pay attention. There are plenty of opportunities in the job market but to increase your chances you need to apply for the job that you are qualified. For example, if you are a marketing graduate and looking for a job in the production unit, you are certainly not going to get the job as you lack the basic qualification. Be a smart job seeker, identify your interests, assess your qualification and search accordingly. The ideal job is the one striking balance between your interests, aptitude, and career ambition and monetary gains.

Step 2: Research

Research the company well before applying for the job. You are going through the job posts and certain post excites you, but be cautious and don’t just apply hurriedly. Do your research about the brand value of the company.  Go through the company website and see whether the company is worth working and determine if you can contribute to its success. 

Step 3: Resume and Cover Letter

The resume is your first meeting with the employer, is a great opportunity to impress the employer and it ought to be perfect. Any glitches in it and you are out of the race. Resumes should always be tailor-made for each and every job you apply as a generic resume might not seek the attention of the employer. It should be short yet crisp, highlighting all your selling points, and should include the keywords given in the job posts.

With such a technological impact on us these days it is not a bad idea to take help from technology in designing a winning resume. Video resume, the gift of technology is fast catching the fancy of the recruiters and job seekers. Go for the video resume instead of the plain text resumes and multiply your chances of securing the job.

You may attach a cover letter with your resume. The cover letter should highlight your special achievements and qualities that you are not able to mention in the resume format. Again it should not be too long, it should be concise and clear.

Part 4: Networking

Networking plays a vital role in job search Philippines and is the new success formula. Networking is essential and sometimes the only effective way to grab the job, hence, spread out the word that you are actively searching for a job. Reach out to your personal contacts family, friends, colleagues, classmates and acquaintances for any job leads and referrals. Social media is a huge platform to connect with people in your field and gain any leads from them.

Another aspect of networking is to follow the companies you aim to work for. This will help in making your name familiar with the managers and will build a connection with them. This connection would help you in seeking the job as the hiring managers will certainly like to interview or even hire someone with a personal connection from the many job seekers Philippines.

Step 5: Job Search

While searching for the job, make sure your resume is updated; your social media handles are clean with no unwanted or negative feeds. Download job hunting applications or search through company websites or online job portals. Stay organized, create a document, listing about the companies, positions you have applied and the dates. Maintaining such records can help you follow-up your application. 

Step 6: The Interview

This step can actually be divided into 3 parts for better understanding and preparation.

Part1 Before The Interview – After receiving the letter start preparing. Learn about the company and the role you are applying for. Brush-up your interview skills. Formulate the answers for the common interview questions and practice it. Know the route to the company well beforehand. Then plan your look. You should be dressed in your professional best. Your dress, hair, makeup and shoes should be well coordinated. Keep the copy of your resume ready.

Part2 During the Job Interview – You are dressed professionally and have arrived for the interview well before time. Now switch off your mobile phones. Greet the interviewer with a firm handshake that reflects your confidence. Sit only when you are asked for and answer confidently making good eye contact with the employer. Lastly, do not forget to say thank you at the end. 

Part 3: Follow Up - After the interview, you can send a thank you note to the interviewer, thanking him for the opportunity. After a few days, you can make a polite call for enquiring about the status of your application and finally, wait for the answer with fingers crossed.


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