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Why Updating Your Profile is Important for That Dream Job!


Posting your profile on the job portals and forgetting about it is one of the most common mistakes the job seeker commits. Ideally, you should always update your job profile even if you are not actively looking for a new job. This is essential as you never know when an interesting lucrative opportunity is on the grab. Just imagine if your dream employer just overlooks your profile because it was outdated.

The frequently updated profile is easily seen by the employers, it creates certain positivity about you and it surely grabs more eyeballs than a stagnant profile. It is in accordance with the latest language and keywords prevalent in the industry, so you will not miss out on the random searches. Also if you keep on updating your profile frequently, you save a lot of time and efforts on updating it as compares to updating a profile after a few years.

Update your profile now, if you are still not convinced to update your profile, listed here are few key points explaining the importance of doing so. Read on.

1. Emphasize Your Current Achievements

It is essential to highlight your current achievements in your profile. Your job profile certainly should have all the ingredients to help you stand out in the crowd and highlighting your most recent achievements is one of them. The achievements could be anything from in-time delivery, to completing a complicated project successfully, to dealing with a fussy customer, to winning an industry award.

2. Latest Professional Qualifications

While working you are bound to enroll for a number of training courses and over the years it is practically difficult to remember all those. It is, therefore, a great practice to immediately add them to your job profile thus ensuring you have the record of your latest professional qualifications and skills.  

3. Progression In Career Growth

When the potential employer is viewing your profile it should instantly throw light on your career graph. All your promotions, inter-company transfers should be very well mentioned in your profile, because whether it is a promotion or a transfer it reflects a positive career growth. This shows your potential employer that you are one of the prospective candidates.

4. Accuracy Of Your Profile 

If you have switched organizations or have joined an altogether different industry, your profile should reflect the change. It is your duty to ensure that you have a relevant and accurate profile; if not so it might affect the employers considering you as a possible candidate. Your truthfulness could be beneficial to catch the recruiter’s eye. Career opportunity can come from any direction, so just don’t risk your candidature by providing outdated information in your profile.

5. Current Geographical Location 

It happens many a time that your location is not the same as the one that reflects in your profile. This is very unprofessional and it certainly puts-off the recruiters who might be interested in your profile. No matter whether you have relocated to a different city, state or a country you should update your profile accordingly. Your profile should always have an accurate geographical location.

So what are you waiting for? Update your profile on, if you have not done already. For more information contact our team of experts.

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