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Ventures to Figuring out If You’ve Got the Right Job Offer


The gruelling days of the interview process are over and you finally have a job offer in your hand, indeed a big day in your life. Now the ball is in your court and you have to decide whether or not you are accepting the job offer.

If the job in question is your dream job, then there is absolutely no second thought but if not you need to think. There are certain factors you should consider before accepting the offer. Remember, you should be 100% sure before saying ‘Yes’. The points given below will help you in deciding.

  1. Your Gut Feeling

Do you need to trust this? The answer is yes. Even before you are thinking about the job profile and the numbers, you need to check your gut feeling. This is a great help. Sometimes during the interview, you are not happy, you are not excited after receiving the offer letter, or something in you is telling you that this not the right opportunity for you. Trust it. Don’t just ignore your inner voice.

  1. The Job Profile

Now with the offer letter in hand, you just want to check whether or not you are satisfied with the job profile. Ask yourself a few questions like, are you happy to fulfil the tasks and responsibilities of the job? Are you willing to work in that environment and with the team? Do you need to make any sacrifices by accepting the job? If yes is the job worth it?  Write the answers and then evaluate them. If you feel your answers are more towards the positive side, go ahead. If not you may refuse the offer politely.

  1. Your Career Goals

Check if the job profile helps you achieve your career goals. It is always advisable to list your career goals when you start a job search. Once you have the offer letter refer your list and evaluate the offer against the aspects in your career goals. See if this job helps you to accomplish your goals. Know if the company will help you learn and grow? Also, evaluate the stress level associated with the job profile and also whether or not you will get time to unwind daily? If your answers are positive you are closer to accepting the offer.

  1. Salary and Benefits

This is again an important factor to think before accepting the jobs. At the end of the day, you have to pay your bills. While evaluating the offer you need to study the entire package. Not just salary but the total package. Sometimes the salary may appear to be less but actually, have more considering the benefits it offers. You need to check how the total package contribute to your financial needs.

  1. Is It where you want to work

Now once you get positive answers for all the above factors, the last thing is to evaluate the company, its work culture and also the team as you will be working there daily. This one is a bit tough. You need to gather information about the work culture of the company. Ask everyone you can about the overall working culture. Well, no one working there is going to tell you that the work culture is horrible. But you can get an idea from the conversations. Satisfied, this job is for you. Grab it.

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