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Video Resume - Professional Tips for Landing your Dream Job


The video resume is a revolution in the recruitment industry.  It is nothing but a brief account of the candidate’s credentials presented in a video format, where the personality of the candidate is visible. In simple words, it has given ‘face’ to the regular text resume. These resumes are certainly more powerful of gifting you, your dream job.

Many recruiters prefer these resumes today as compared to the traditional paper resume as they are able to see and hear the candidate. From the resume itself, they can make out whether or not the candidate has the spark they are looking for in their future employee.

Let us see in details the tips for grabbing the dream job.

What is a video resume?

The video resume is the new age job application technique. It is a small video of the applicant that is about a minute or two long. It is unique and you can be creative in highlighting your professional strengths and skills.

Why video resume

Video resumes are unique. They help you stand out in the sea of applicants by creating a long-lasting much needed first impression. Here you are able to focus on your selling points the way you wish as there is no fixed format. You can think out of the box and present your skills and qualifications best suited for the job. Also crafting a video resume make the employer feel that you are interested in the job and are willing to go that extra mile.

The perfect recipe        `

It is a fact that the video resume gives you an edge over other the applicants but only if they are made correctly otherwise they will be a laughing stock. Here are a few professional tips that will help you create a perfect one. 

Planning – For a successful video resume planning is vital. Everything like the backdrop, the content, the dressing style need to be planned in advance.

Duration Of the Video - Your resume should be short and crisp. Ranging to about 90 seconds, it should be interesting enough to impress the employer leaving him to know more about you. Long videos are a big turn off.

Content – Content is the key to your video. It should not be the case that you are talking utter nonsense. Therefore it is a good idea to have a script ready thus you will not miss out the important points. Your script should contain all the points and also the time that you need to dedicate to each section. Never directly read from the script though.

Focus on your Selling Points – Remember that the video should not be more than 90 seconds long. So highlight your strong points as per the job description and the target audience.

Appearance – Undoubtedly, your appearance matters a lot. Dress your professional best as if you are attending an interview. And never ever forget to wear your confident smile.

Backdrop and Surrounding – Shoot the video in a clean, clutter-free, well-lit area. A white background preferred for recording however if you are not a white person choose one that will attract the employer to watch your video. The place should be quiet, avoid all the background noises. 

Shooting – While shooting, maintain your confident professional behavior. Voice should be soft, polite and audible. Don’t shy away, look into the camera and introduce yourself.

Trial Run – Watch your clip and if you are not satisfied to rerecord it. Not only this, forward your clip to your friends and family for their comments. Make the recommended corrections before posting it.

Finally, making a video is not a big deal if you follow these professional tips. A bit of planning can land you, your dream job. If still, you are sceptical, visit us at We will help you in designing the perfect resume.

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