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Ways to love job you when you hate your job


We all would agree that finding a job is a herculean task and to find one that you love is a bigger challenge. Sometimes we compromise our love and settle down with an uninterested job, just to make the ends meet. And even if you are lucky enough to find a job you love keeping the fire burning sometimes becomes difficult.

On average a person spends almost 1/3rd of his life in his workplace. It is almost 8 to 10 hours a day, so if you are in love with your job you will enjoy this time. But if not it is a difficult task. Don’t worry we will tell you smart techniques that will help you love your job. Either you completely hate your job or you hate some part of your job. Whatever the problem is, there are ways you can learn to love your job and have a successful career. You can achieve it by being friends with your job, add a fun element and see the difference in your attitude towards the job. Here I have listed a few things which will certainly help you love your job.  

  1. Master the Skills

Every job requires some or the other skill. Your aim should be to get better and better at it. Set some goals for yourself and work hard to achieve them. By doing this you are challenging yourself. Then track your growth and measure your progress. Believe me, the feeling of accomplishment is heaven, it will compel you to love your job.

Now, you might be thinking what about the jobs that require no skills like the data entry. For data entry, the basic knowledge of computers is enough. But here also you have chances to master the data entry operations by improving your typing accuracy and speed. It is just about challenging yourself. 

  1. Independence or Constraints

Give yourself freedom or restrict yourself according to the situation. For example, if your job has some set directions, you can give yourself freedom and do things your way to break the monotonous routine. This will give you new challenges and you will be happy to accept those. To explain this let’s take an example of a call center agent. While making calls, he has to follow a script certain fixed questions, which could be boring at times. So to make things interesting you need to break the shackles. Just go with the flow of the conversation, do complete the given questionnaire but without following the stereotype. By breaking stereotypes and still achieving the target, you are already in love with the job.

One more trick is to impose some imaginary constraints to get out of the typical routine and spark creativity.

  1. The Purpose

Find the meaning and purpose of your job. It is not always necessary to be the big component in the machine as the machine won’t work even when a tiny part is missing. Be grateful for the smallest contribution you make. The fact that you bring value to the employer is motivational. So think about the greater purpose and this thought will bring enjoyment and fulfillment in your work.

  1. Predictability or Unpredictability

Bringing predictability or unpredictability to your work proves to be beneficial when you do not want to hate your work. Whatever your preference and experience are, either bring a structure or novelty to your work. If you are anxious while working it is good to bring a structure or predictability that will help you to calm your nerves and enjoy your work. On the other hand, if your work is becoming monotonous, bring a variety of unpredictability to make your job interesting.

  1. Reward Yourself

Rewards are always highly appreciated and are a big motivation. Your employer may give you a raise to reward your hard work, but why should we rely on them to feel rewarded. Instead, we should make own rules and reward ourselves to keep the motivation high.

Set your milestones and reward yourself when you successfully achieve it. Celebrate even small achievements. The rewards can be small or big like shopping, upgrading your tools, getting a book, treating yourself with a self-care practice, watching a movie, playing a game and so on.

  1. The Power of Scarcity

It is a fact that we are more productive during the time of emergency. When we have a deadline to achieve the impossible4 task is suddenly achievable. And we all just enjoy this sudden boost in productivity. So to bring back your lost interest in your job set yourself such deadlines and just go there and achieve it. I promise your interest in your job will double.

To conclude, just spice-up things, and play at work and you will not hate your current job. Keep searching for the job you love though, but even if you are not able to find one, you know how to bring back love in your job.

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