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Job Interview Tips 2019 : What Are Your Strengths and Weaknesses ?


Are you are in the process of job search? Going through and applying for various job vacancies in the Philippines, finally you get an interview call. To grab the dream job you need to give your best shot. The preparation consists of the technical aspect and soft skills. One of the most common questions asked in every interview, is ‘tell us about your strengths and weaknesses? 

The recruiter with this question determines what qualities you have that will help you succeed in the job if you are hired. You should always try to be confident without being arrogant or over-confident. Asking this question helps the employer decide whether or not you are the strongest applicant for the position.

Answering about your Strength
When addressing the question about the strength, the golden rule is, always keep the job description in mind. Mention those qualities of yours that can be beneficial for the job. Make a list of your qualities and narrow down to three to five particularly strong qualities or strength. Prepare an example of each chosen skill. 

Creating a list of your strengths will help you answer this question with confidence. Stay focused on a couple key strengths that relate directly to the position you are applying for. A focused, relevant answer with one or two examples will impress your interviewer. 

For example, if you are going for the post of customer service manager you can say you have strong communication skills and great management skills. If your job demands flexibility, say flexibility is your biggest strength with an appropriate example. If going for a creative job, you can highlight you are a very creative person. If your job involves constant knowledge update, you can say that you are a quick learner and can easily understand any process, application and system. 

Answering about your Weakness
It is important to answer about your weaknesses tactfully and carefully as it should not cost you the job. While describing the weaknesses, you should choose any minor weakness looking at the job description. Whatever weakness you select you should try to put a positive spin on your answer. Your weakness should not affect your performance but should enhance it. While answering about the weaknesses avoid using weaknesses that will make you unfit for the job. 

One approach to answer this is to discuss non-essential skills. Mention a weakness that has nothing to do with the job. For example, if your job demands one-on-one communication, you can answer that you do not have strong group handling skills. 

Another way is to mention skills that you have improved during your previous job. So you are showing the interviewer that you can make improvements as and when required. 

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