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What Objects to Remember When Negotiate Your First Pay?


After crossing all the hurdles you are almost close to your target of signing on the dotted lines. You have convinced the recruiters that you are the one suitable for the job post and you are ecstatic. You are eager to see the offer letter and sign the contract, but, yes there still is a ‘but’, your salary is less than what you anticipated. Suddenly you experience a change in your emotions and now you are in a dilemma whether to accept the job or not.

No worries, you still have one last chance to negotiate your package and accept the job. Don’t panic, stay poised and try to negotiate. Negotiating salary can be intimidating especially if you are a fresh graduate. But if you want to get paid as per your worth you have to let go the awkwardness and speak. I agree it is tricky but it is essential as you have to pay your bills. It is important to not to sell yourself for less or even to have sky-high expectations and decrease your chances of landing that dream job. 

Negotiating properly could gift you huge fortunes. Are you thinking about how? We will help you. It is quite natural for fresh graduates to have this question in mind, but these few important aspects will assist you in negotiating your first salary.

  • Job Field/Domain – You need to understand that not all fields offer equal salaries. So, do your homework and find out the maximum and minimum packages offered in your industry. Compare the salary offered to you and if it’s too less than the industry standard, you can certainly ask for more.         


  • The Job Position – Similar to the different fields, different job positions offer varied salaries. To get an idea about the offer for each position you can refer to the online tool. The figure they offer is an overall average. If the amount you are being offered, is dramatically less you can certainly bring up the matter with the recruiting manager. If, however, the amount is slightly less you should give it a nod as your employer might have a limited budget.


  • Location effect on your salary – Location certainly has a huge impact on salaries. The fresh graduate’s compensation in Manila or Cebu city can differ drastically from the one in a small town. So while negotiating, always keep this factor in mind.


  • Be Reasonable – Decide on a figure that you are willing to accept. Once that is done, write down the reasons why you are not keen on settling down for less. Then while discussing the benefits package on the table keep a calm head and put forth each of your points with conviction. Speak in a soft yet assertive tone.


  • Right Time is Crucial – When you speak, matters a lot. Wait until you have an offer in your hand and you understand the benefits. Now if you feel your compensation is not as per the industry standards, you can voice your thoughts. 


  • Practice Makes a Man Perfect – This is true for everything. So practice what you will say, how you will say, the counter-arguments that can be made and polish your skills of negotiation.

Follow the above tips and be a successful negotiator. For more such job search tips, career advice, and jobs in the Philippines register with

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