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What Things to Do Before Going to Job Interview


Finally, you have the job interview letter in your hands after going through the grueling job search process. No wonder you are excited about it, as your hard work is paid off. The interview is your chance to convince the hiring managers that you are the best candidate for the job, it is a golden opportunity and you must grab it with both hands.

To help you prepare for the big interview, here we have listed a few things that you need to do before your job interview. Let’s divide the preparation into two parts, the first being the period approaching the D-day and the D-day itself.

Few Days Earlier – Once you receive the interview letter you should begin your preparation.

  1. Study about the company – Research about the company and get a fair amount of information. You would have done the research earlier while applying for the job but now is the time to get into the details. Learn about the market position of the company, specification about the role you have applied and also about the recruiter if possible.
  2. Know the Job Profile – Read the position’s job description well before the interview. Frame all your answers keeping in mind the job description, this will fetch you some extra points, which are essential when the competition is tough.
  3. Prepare Your Answers – Prepare your answers for the most common interview questions like, ‘tell us something about yourself’, ‘why should I hire you’ and also for the questions you will be asking the recruiter. Prepare a general outline. Write down all the points and read it once or twice. You don’t need to mug up.  
  4. Practice – This is important. Practice many times what you are going to say, this will make you confident, increase your fluency and minimise the use of unnecessary words like ‘um’ or ‘uh’. Practice it in front of the mirror or the best way is to have a mock interview with a friend.  
  5. Plan your look – The first impression is important and your look plays an important role in creating a good first impression. Your dress should be professional with hair, makeup and shoes all well coordinated. Here perfection is very essential because if you are underdressed it creates a very casual impression suggestion that you are not serious for the job and if you are overdressed, you are unfit in the team.
  6. Know The Route – Know the route to the company well. Get the exact directions in advance and you can even take a trial run of the route.
  7. Keep your bad ready – Before the interview day, keep your bag ready. Take some extra copies of the resume. Keep a notepad, pens, make-up for an emergency retouch, a mirror, any regular medicines and last but not the least money.
  8. Proper Rest – The night before the interview it is important that get enough rest, the doctor recommended 7 to 8 hours is ideal. Enough rest means you are fresh, energized and you don’t want to walk to the interview room with puffy eyes or yawning. Before going to bed set your alarm.

The D-day (The day of the interview)

  1. Eat well – On the day of the interview eat well but don’t overeat. Avoid caffeine, until you finish the interview.
  2. Dress appropriately in your business attire and don’t forget to wear your confidence.
  3. Reach there at least 15 minutes before. Being late for the job interview is the worst thing.
  4. Switch off your mobile phones or put it on silent before you head to the interview room.

These are a few things or tips that if you follow you will surely succeed. For more such job interview tips, jobs in the Philippines please visit

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