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What Are The Common Job Hunting Mistakes You Should Avoid?


Looking for jobs? If your answer is a ‘yes’ then this one is for you. Job hunting is the decisive phase of your life. This phase is however associated with a lot of stress and negativity. Staying focused and positive is one of the success mantras of surviving this phase.

You are competing with many other candidates who are as talented as you are. The competition is tough, a small mistake and you are out of the race. We have listed here some common mistakes candidates should avoid while looking for the job.

  1. Inappropriate Resume

Your resume should win over the employer. It is your golden ticket for the interview call. It should be perfect strictly following the format. The length is critical if it is too long no one will read it and if too short you may miss on some of your selling points. Proofread it several times. Any spelling mistakes, typos will not be tolerated and your resume will be dumped.

  1. No Cover Letter  

‘Yes,’ or ‘No’ cover letter is a million-dollar question. Many candidates think that no one reads the cover letter so why to include it. But when you are going a traditional way you must send your resume with the cover letter, irrespective of whether it is read or not. When the employer goes through the heap of resumes he may just overlook the ones without cover letters, thinking the candidates lack professionalism. And certainly, you don’t want that.  

  1. Lying  

To get noticed the job seekers decorate their resumes with some false achievements. They forget that the hiring managers are smart enough to find out the truth and if you are caught you are gone. If they blacklist you then your dreams will be just a dream.

  1. Unprofessional Email

Sometimes candidates have very funny email addresses. You can use them for your personal communication but not for the professional ones. Such email addresses can ruin your chances of getting a job. Your professional email address always should be name based.

  1. Less Preparation

The employer looks for candidates those are serious about the job. So just having the skill set is not enough. You should have the information about the company and the job profile and use it well to draft your resume and cover letter. This will increase your chances to get the interview call.

  1. No Professional Online Presence  

The hiring managers try to find out more about you from your social media pages. Thus maintaining a professional online profile will always be advantageous for you.

  1. No Networking Skills

Networking is necessary. Letting people know you are looking for a job is not like asking for some favor. You should build a strong network so that you don’t miss out on any opportunity. The people in the same industry can help you with the leads and sometimes even a recommendation.

Following up after the interview shows the employer you are seriously interested and will earn you some brownie points. If you fail to do so you are somewhat decreasing your probability of the job. It takes a couple of minutes; you can either leave a message on the job site or can drop an email or directly make a phone call to thank them for their precious time and giving you the opportunity.

These are some common mistakes because of which you decrease your chances of grabbing that dream job. Rectify them and give your professional career a kick start. For more career tips and job posting visit

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