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Where to Post Jobs Online for Free


Employers today are going online for posting their job adverts for free. From social media to online job boards, to online forums and communities there are many platforms where you can post your job postings. The free online job posting is not tough on the budget, reaches a larger target audience, the potential cost per hire is low and all this without sacrificing the quality of the candidates.

However, the effectiveness of the free job posts depends on several factors like the time you will be spending while listing, managing and tracking, the size of the audience, the required type of job seekers and potential candidates. Attracting the right audience is important as it is of no use to waste time promoting jobs to the wrong candidates even if it is free.

Here given are few options where you can post your job posts online.

  • Post Free Job posts on Jobaxy

Yes, you heard it right here you can broadcast the jobs for free. Jobaxy one of the leading job portals in the Philippines allows you to post free job posts. Job postings with Jobaxy help you attract more of your target audience and easily recruit them. The job seekers receive job alerts via the push notifications. Jobaxy delivers better applicant quality at an average 30% lower cost per hire.

With Jobaxy, you can monitor the performance of your job advertisements, keep an eye on who is interested in your post and also measure clicks on your job post. 

This is not all; here you have Axy to help you with the applications. Axy is an artificial intelligence recruitment assistant. It is the interview Chabot that automatically screens the job applications. Axy also sorts the applications by interview scores and AI Analytics.

Another striking feature of Jobaxy is the audio-video resumes with the help of which, you can further filter the aspiring candidates, calling only a selected few for the interview, reducing the overall hiring time and cost.

  • Your Own Career Site

You can post the job postings on your own career site. For this, you need to first clean your career site before posting. Then, work with the hiring managers to update the content, and optimize your job descriptions for online searches. Be careful while writing the job description, it should be clear, the language used should be easy, it should contain all the industry keywords so that it is easily visible when the job seekers hit the keywords. Your job description, if not SEO optimized, listing them on several free job posting sites is a sheer waste of time. 

  • On Social Media Sites, FaceBook

The power of social media is enormous. You can use this power to broadcast your job openings for free. You can post the job openings on your business FaceBook page or post it on any social media thread with the link to your FaceBook business page. This helps the potential candidates learn more about your business and the overall job profile before applying. And only those really interested in the job will apply, thus saving your time of filtering through the thousands of resumes. Only one thing to remember here is to keep your post fresh and frequently updated to avoid dejected job seekers.

Social media is everywhere today. People can apply on the desktop or their mobiles. For you also it is easy to review and track the applications. Also contacting the applicants and scheduling an interview through social media.

  • Alumni Community Job Boards and Your Alma Mater

Many colleges and universities give the opportunity to their students and alumni to post jobs for free. So, if you are looking for any summer interns, fresh graduates, new MBA’s or newly minted scientists, perhaps this is the great place to post your job openings.

The alumni community board of institutions has a huge talent bank, which is not just limited to the campus and reach far beyond the city where the campus is located.

If you are not alumni of the institute but you want to advertise your job openings there, don’t panic. Ask their career services for guest access. Your job is done.

  • Craigslist

Craigslist provides local classifieds like restaurants, hotels, jobs, etc. You can post your job openings here for free depending on your city or for some nominal charges. The charges are significantly cheaper than most of the online job posting sites. Job posting on Craigslist attracts a huge audience and applying for the job is easy. But due to the ease of application and the number of people it attracts, many employers have found that it is not worth the time required to screen the sea of applications.  

Though the free online job posting sites don’t dig a hole in your pockets still it’s up to you to decide whether to use them or not. There are many factors like the ease of posting your job posts, the target audience, the size of the audience and the quality of the candidates required determines whether the free job posting sites are worthy to use. 

For more information on the free postings do visit us @, one of the best online job portals in the Philippines.

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