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Why you're not getting hired??


When your job search doesn’t yield result, you certainly are demoralized. Being qualified and capable but still getting rejected could be surely disheartening. However, this is not the time to be dejected; it is the time for some serious introspection.

No doubt luck factor is an important card but still, you should be sure you are doing everything right. A small mistake could cost you the job. Here we have mentioned a few of the most common mistakes that usually create problems in getting hired. Also, read some tips to rectify those mistakes.


  1. Is Your Resume Appealing – Your resume is your golden ticket for landing interviews. The hiring manager goes through hundreds of resume and he hardly spends a few seconds on each one, and that’s your chance to impress him. Your resume should compel the hiring managers to know more about you. This is possible if you craft a unique professional and tailor-made resume. If you are sending the same resume to every job post then your chances are negligible.

The perfect resume should be short mostly one page and crisp. It should highlight your skills, achievements and experiences relevant to the job post. For a greater impact, you can opt for video resumes. 

  1. Poor Interview Skills – This probably is one of the most important reasons why you get rejected a number of times. You are qualified, experienced, and tick all the requirement boxes but you are unable to convince the interviewer your worth. You do all your homework but still, you don’t cross the finishing line. You face interview blues. Maybe you stammer, fumble with your answers, start sweating and lose confidence. 

For this the success mantra is practice. Start preparing early. Apart from the technical questions, make a list of the common interview question and practice answering them. Prepare the situational questions with proper examples. Research about the company, learn about their objective and prepare some questions that you can ask the interviewer. These few tips will help develop your interview skills.

  1. Money Matters – You should know the general starting salaries in your chosen industry and your demands should be according to the industry standards. Be reasonable with your requests for payment. However, you should not be rigid, be flexible. When negotiating about the salary you should be very calm and positive. No aggression here, please. If the interviewer figures out that you are too adamant he might straight away reject you. As he would not like to work with someone who is not flexible.   
  2. Are you too desperate – After some rejections, you somewhat tend to be desperate and start applying to every job opening. You get an interview call and you are super excited. You just want to grab that job. Your desperation is clearly visible to the hiring managers and they reject you as they are in a mood of doing you any favour. So be careful. You should try and convince them how they will benefit from hiring you and not how badly you want this job.
  1. Poor Networking – Building a strong network is essential when you are looking for a job. Whether you have just stepped into the corporate world or you are an experienced individual having connections with the right people in the industry is a must.

Several companies go for referrals when they have job openings. They do not advertise their jobs on any job portals. A connection is what matters. So just be there in the network.  Attend industry events. Meet people and maintain a cordial relationship with them.

This will certainly benefit in your job search.  

  1. You are a Misfit in the Team – You did everything right starting with your job application to the interview but still, you see a rejection. This could be just because you are not fit for the team. Maybe you have applied for the wrong job. So to avoid such kind of rejections you should apply only for specific jobs.


To sum up, just avoid these mistakes and put your best foot forward. Try looking for more online job opening. Visit for career in Filipino. Good luck with your job search!

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