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Stellar 167 Manpower Recruitment and Services Inc.

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Company Description


Stellar Manpower Agency

The name “Stellar” is from the Latin word stellaris, which means outstanding and leading. The name reflects the company’s vision to be the leading manpower agency in the country.

General Company Description

Stellar Manpower Agency is an agency that will provide manpower and staffing services to various companies and organizations. It will also provide employment opportunities for a wide range of individuals both in fulltime and part-time positions. The company will specialize in the following: (1) Employee selection and recruitment; (2) Employee assessment; and other manpower needs and requirement.

Vision Statement:

Stellar Manpower Agency envisions itself as a leading manpower agency in the Philippines that focuses on providing the right people with the right skills to the right companies. We also seek to provide employment opportunities that cater to the strengths and capabilities of our employees.

Mission Statement:

Stellar Manpower Agency is committed to the careful selection and screening of manpower candidates in order to ensure that good quality and high standards are met and satisfied for our clients’ needs. Stellar Manpower Agency is devoted to provide the “Best of the Best for the Best”: the best possible people to the best companies. Stellar Manpower Agency will not stop until we find the Best Candidate for our clients.

Moreover, Stellar Manpower Agency is also devoted to offer job opportunities to candidates and employees from all over the country. We do not only seek to provide jobs; we are also committed to give them general leadership trainings that will give them an edge over the other employees. This is because Stellar Manpower Agency believes that when employees are happy and satisfied with their jobs, then they can be the best that they can be, not only for themselves but for their companies as well.

Core Values

Stellar Manpower Agency has three core values:

1. Excellence

We aim to provide “The Best of the Best for the Best”. Our team of highly competent and well-trained staff handles the different aspects of manpower recruitment, screening, and documentation. This ensures that each of our candidates is carefully and meticulously screened so that we can provide the best candidates for our clients.

2. People

We firmly believe that taking care of our employees is a cornerstone for cultivating a culture of success. We value the welfare and happiness of our employees, and this is why we seek to provide them the jobs which they desire and at which they can excel.

3. Reputation

Our company strives to maintain a reputation that is driven, accomplished, and trusted. This is why we always make it a point that we match our employees with their respective strengths, so that we can provide well-screened and high quality candidates for our clients. We will never do anything that will harm our reputation.

Company Information

(02) 719 1593, +63 9552007531
11-50 Employees
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