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C- World Interventures, Inc.

Central Luzon- Bulacan , Central Luzon , Philippines

Company Description

C- World Interventures Inc. was established on March 2004 for the sole purpose to support and give additional services like cleaning and buffing to its parent company, CALCO INDUSTRIES INCORPORATED. For the next few years, C-World caters to a very limited number of clients.  However, due to the continually increasing demand for both the local and international market, the management group decided to expand its services towards Anodizing and Powder Coating as its existing relationship with its partner can no longer cope up with the demand in terms of the quality requirements as well as the capacity that it was gearing towards to.

In 2011, the group decided to look for a location that is conveniently located near its sister company. It was able to acquire a 1 hectare patch of land and decided to develop it for its plan of expansion. By 2014, C-World has invested on a state of the art powdercoating paint booth machine made in Switzerland that can paint for around 200 tons monthly worth of aluminum extrusion for about 8 hours of operation or 800,000 square feet. This technology is currently the only one existing in the Philippines and only a handful in Southeast Asia. It is the mission of the group to be the best and the mostly highly technological in the industry. 

                As the parent company continuously evolves, part of its growing clientele is its export clients from Australia, United States and parts of Europe. One of the foremost requirements is a globally competitive anodizing company. The group decided to add a facility to cater this. This area can cater for around another 200 tons monthly of aluminum extrusion as well for 8 hours of operation.

                Since the company wants to be globally recognized, the company is preparing itself to be the only facility to be certified with both ISO 14001 (Environmental Compliance) and ISO 9001:2015 (Quality Management System).

                As part of its vision, the company is heavily investing in making sure that it becomes the highly- sought after finishing company that can meet international standards and to become one of the few companies that will be certified as an applicator by internationally- known powder suppliers in the country

Company Information

+63 09338539033
51-200 Employees
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