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Jobaxy is developed keeping in mind both the job seekers and the employers. For employers we present AXY our artificial intelligence recruitment assistant. The employee search gives you the best of the best candidates suitable for the job requirement.



Axy Is Interview Chat Bot That Screens Job Applicants Automatically

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How it Works

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Boost your team with Axy

Axy integrates seamlessly into your recruitment workflow and turns up the speed on the way you do menial tasks.

Save 75% of your team’s time by automating steps such as sourcing, screening & scheduling And Provide candidates a positive and helpful experience with a contact who’s always available, at any hour


Axy will handles time exhausting tasks like phone screening and interview scheduling, freeing recruiters to focus on qualified candidates and converting hires.

Best Candidate

Axy creates rich candidate profiles with Audio, Video, Traditional CVs and shortlists candidates so your team can make quicker decisions and spend more time closing hires.

Modern Platform

Axy has outperformed traditional recruiting methods on candidate satisfaction surveys, averaging a 9.8 out of 10 on overall candidate experience.


Axy provides candidates with ongoing updates, feedback, and guidance throughout the process and can answer their questions in real-time.


Qualify, Engage and Schedule

What companies have seen after using Axy


Decrease in the time to hire when a reqruiter works with Axy


Of candidate re-engage with Axy in app or over SMS


OF candidates complete the screen from Axy

Better Interaction

Change the way your business interacts with talent, for the better

Video and Audio Resumes

Cut short your recruitment time by 90%

With you every step of the way

Continuous assistance and engagement keeps candidates stimulated.

An all-inclusive experience

Appeal to everyone, regardless of their position or background.

Build credibility and trust

Provide an enjoyable experience for the candidate no matter the outcome.

Go beyond recruiting

Grow and maintain relationships with employees and build a talent pool.

No more repetitive work

Takes care of all the menial tasks that used to take up so much of your time.

Focus on engagement

Automates the initial phases and gets you infront of the right candidate quicker.

Efficient recruiting

Potential to significantly reduce average cost and time spent per hire.

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