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Registration, activation, log in queries

Is registration and account creation as a job seeker free with Jobaxy?

How to Register with Jobaxy as a Job Seeker?

I cannot remember my account password

I received an Activation Email from Jobaxy but it has no activation link.

What is OTP?

I did not receive OTP. What to do?

Password and settings queries

How do I change the password of my account?

How can I change the job alerts and job availability as a job seeker?

Profile completion, audio and video resume queries

How to complete job seeker profile?

Is completing video and audio profile necessary?

Do employers really prefer candidates with video resumes?

Why should I have a video resume?

How to Create Video Resume for Jobseeker?

How to Create Audio Resume for Jobseeker?

Job search and job application queries

How to Search Jobs on Jobaxy & Apply?

Axy as a job search assistant queries

Who is AXY?

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