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Accounting Manger

  • Full Time
  • National Capital Reg- Pasig City
  • Salary As Per Industry Standard

Work Address : 1903 A West Tower, Philippine Stocks Exchange Building, Ortigas Pasig

Job Description


Business Development (BD)


  • Ensure that client concerns are evaluated for opportunities, especially those not in scope of work.
  • Ensure that all lead-generation activities are implemented:
  • Attend to all consultations during trainings and conferences
  • Attend to all business conferences and meetings
  • Conduct at least 1 training per quarter
  • Ensure that all client inquiries are uploaded in BD system ().
  • Ensure that all proposals are reviewed prior to sending to prospective client.
  • Ensure that all inquiries are disposed with proposals within 24 hours or as per company policy.
  • Ensure that all business/strategic plans are implemented
  • Maintain good client relationship and promote other services, client may need.
  • Participate in all companies sales and marketing activities such as KKK (Kapamilya, Kaibigan, Kakilala), RRR (Retain, Repeat, Refer) and other programs that will help generate additional clients/engagements
  • All noted issues or recommendations are addressed to the specific project owner or emailed to Customer Happiness Team (CHT) at for process or system improvement.
  • Conduct CPS: 1) Compliance assessment, 2) Performance analysis and 3) Strategic development on all BD activities.


Project Management (PM)


  • Ensure that all approved proposals were set as project in DashSuccess ().
  • Ensure that all projects have time budgets. Prepare and encode in DashSuccess the necessary budgeted hours and weekly plan and daily To-Be-Achieved (TBA) of the team. Daily TBAs are forecasted a day before as follows:


  • Daily TBA Plan per Position Level (as encoded in the system):
  • Manager/Assistant Manager - Daily
  • Supervisor – every 4 hours
  • Senior Associate – every 2 hours
  • Experienced Associate/Associate – every 30 minutes


  • Ensure that projects are closed in DashSuccess within the deadline or within reasonable time.
  • Ensure that all staff makes appropriate time charges to right TBA.
  • Ensure that all output, summaries and reports are reviewed.
  • Ensure that Pajamas Brand of Service is being implemented.
  • Ensure that Next Big Thing (NBT) Productivity of all tax personnel are encoded every 30 minutes in DashSuccess.
  • Ensure that all functions run smoothly and are turned over to appropriate personnel after the project.
  • Ensure that all the financial reports are disseminated to the authorized personnel to preserve confidentiality with prompt actions in case there would be conflicts.
  • Conduct CPS: 1) Compliance assessment, 2) Performance analysis and 3) Strategic development on all PM activities.


Staff Management (SM)


  • Ensure that all team members are aligned with the mission, vision and beliefs of the firm.
  • Ensure that all time charges of a team members are charged to a specific project or engagement.
  • Ensure that all personnel are coached – based on Daily TBA per Position Level.
  • Ensure to undergo coaching from immediate superiors daily.
  • Ensure that all tax personnel are mentored – on a quarterly basis. Evaluation are encoded in DashMentor ()
  • Ensure to undergo at least once a month mentoring session from department superiors. Self-evaluation is encoded in DashMentor.
  • Ensure that all team members know how to use all the system used by the group. (See list of programs in Annex A)
  • Ensure that all team members have undergone all internal trainings and be certified. (See list of trainings and certifications in Annex B)
  • Be updated with current accounting standards and tax laws specially those needed by the client.
  • Ensure to follow all company policies, rules and regulations.
  • Conduct CPS: 1) Compliance assessment, 2) Performance analysis and 3) Strategic development on all SM activities.


Financial Management (FM)

  • Ensure that all newly approved proposals are initially billed upon acceptance.
  • Ensure that all progress billings are billed prior to deployment of field personnel.
  • Ensure that all time charges are billed within a reasonable time.
  • Ensure that all billings are collected on time.
  • Ensure that all past due accounts are disposed properly.
  • Report analysis are done on a regular basis - project margin analysis, billings and collections.




  • Ensure that all liquidations/reimbursements are charged to the right project and are approved.
  • Conduct CPS: 1) Compliance assessment, 2) Performance analysis and 3) Strategic development on all FM activities.


Changemaker (Self-Leadership)


  • Conduct self-assessment on overall compliance, performance and strategic development.
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Company Overview

Finance-General/Cost Accounting
Exprerience 2 - 3 Years
Job Category
Finance-General/Cost Accounting
Job Role
Management/Cost Accounting/Business Analyst
Job Level
Mid Level (Assistant Manager/Manager)
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